Blink And You'll Miss These Key Parts Of The New GTA V Trailer

Almost everything shown in today’s gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V was covered exhaustively in Stephen Totilo’s massive preview from two months back. But today marks the first time that we’re able to see some of these elements in action. So, let’s take a deeper look, shall we?

In today’s trailer, you see a bunch of criminal and non-criminal activity being performed and it sure seems like the two categories are going to feed each other. See that bike racing still? I’m guessing that doing stuff like that, shooting at the gun range and maybe even early morning yoga will increase the character’s strength, lung capacity and stamina. So, yes, character customisation will go beyond looks in GTA V. That ‘Special’ bar up top indicates the special abilities that each of GTA V's troika will be able to wield.

GTA V is the first game in the series to feature the weapon wheel style UI that appeared in Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption. The wheel also shows elements of the weapons customisation that will tweak the performance of each firearm. Speaking of RDR, the hunting that made seem that cowboy game’s wilderness seem so alive gets implemented in GTA V, only with fancier weapons.

The character-switching that’s arguably GTA V’s main feature gets shown off from 1:28 to 2:01 of the trailer, with the interface at the bottom right of the screen. That bottom section of the character wheel is saved for your Grand Theft Auto Online avatar.

As discussed, Michael, Trevor and Franklin will be assembling crews to pull off the in-game heists. The chunk of trailer that runs from 03:54 to 04:16 focuses in on the heist planning and show the recruiting of crew members with different skill sets. Take note of the woman’s mugshot. It’s not quite a lead character but does seem to tease that female character models will be playable in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Two options gets presented for pulling off the robbery: loud or smart. Smart happens first and you can see the running count of the take ticking up in the lower right hand corner. What’s most interesting about the Loud option is the fact that Franklin and the boys don’t grab the same objective. They bypass the jewelry in the case and grab cash from a vault Hmmm. Maybe the different strategies will have different objectives. Or objectives might differ according to heists. We’ll see.

There’s bound to be even more than the stuff we spotted in the full version of Grand Theft Auto V. But, right now this looks like an upgrade to the kinds of complexity that we usually see in a GTA game.


    Guys. There's a BMX. Bikes are back. GOTY.

      to do list:

      Buy xbone
      preorder BF4
      maybe AC IV black flag
      buy spare controller
      and buy saints row 4 from the uk or singapore

        I thought GTA V was only going to be coming out on current gen consoles?

          Give it a few months...

            its pretty clear rockstar wont release on next gen, they would want to take advantage of the console fully, not just port a game over, its not rockstars style.

              With luck the next gen console releases will coincide with the PC release

                PC will happen, next gen wont.

                  We'll see, wanna bet that one of the console makers won't offer them some money to do it whilst they're doing the PC version?

              didnt they do just that with Bully?

                I find it hard to belive if they make a high quality art asset,DX11,X86 version for windows they won't at least make an Xbox one version as it would require next to no conversion.
                PS4 would still be an easy port but require a little more work, this is just down to marketing they want to sell you GTAV now for the consoles you own, not for a console you may own in 6 months time.
                The pc version will come out some months later just like all the other pc GTA's, but if they do a pc version which is pretty much garanteed then the next gen consoles will follow, maybe not untill dlc is released and it's presented as a "compete" edtion or something but it will happen imo.

                  Im guessing it will work like Bully: Scholarship Edition. Similar to how they release LA Noire on PC as a "complete edition".

              How do you explain this list then:

              Max Payne 1 - Xbox (Original), PS2, Xbox 360, PS3
              GTA: Liberty City Stories - PSP, PS2, PS3
              GTA: Vice City Stories - PSP, PS2, PS3
              GTA: Vice City - PS2, PS3
              GTA: San Andreas - PS2, PS3
              Bully: Xbox (Original), X360, PS2, PS3
              The Warriors: PSP, PS2, PS3
              There are more, for a full list go here:

              Explain to me again how it isn't their style?

              As a R* and former DMA Design fanboy, I would say its completely within their "style" to make a port for PC/Next gen. Not that me saying it means anything.

                Those games were ported over a long time after they came out and most were direct ports of the original game, so it really isn't a valid example.

                  Bully was under a year so that's a valid example, but I can understand your point (They took a long time). Id still say its within their "style" to port some games to new consoles/PC as a "complete edition" just like bully and LA Noire.

                  Im HOPING they are just trying to make sure sales on current gen consoles are high, by just keeping quiet about pc/next gen.

                  Even if it is just a port (rather than taking full advantage of new pc tech for better draw distance/pop-up bubbles/textures etc) from current gen to next gen/pc I'll still buy it again.

    "Speaking of RDR, the hunting that made seem that cowboy game’s wilderness seem so alive gets implemented in GTA V, only with fancier weapons."
    Cleanup on aisle 5! :P

    I kinda wanna make like Cartman and freeze myself for a few months! x)
    Dirt biiiiiiiiikes. BMX's...... YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. :)

    See that brief multi-player segment shown towards the end??!?

    Are we looking at Grand Theft Battlefield: V?

    Because let's face it, the only thing the battlefield series is missing is push bikes!!!


    Why is this in the PC section??? I know that people have spotted the job advertisement Rockstar Games put out regarding a 'talented PC developer to port our games' etc.

    Aren't you guys jumping the fence a little early? ;)

      Many of the articles on kotaku are in the wrong "section". I tend to just read down the home page till I hit something I've already read as a result.

    Grove Street Fool!!! Looks like I going to spend countless hours doing side stuff then going through the main, golf, tennis etc.. (I can see myself playing a tennis game, losing and then shooting your

    Trying to juggle game time between this and Watch Dogs is going to be fun

      And the third part of the puzzle being GTA Online... That little hint at the end was such a tease. I still play GTA IV multiplayer to this day.

    I'll be interested in the classification. At around 2:04 seconds of the trailer you see Franklin at a drug dispensary. If recent classification bans are anything to go by this isn't going to be overlooked.

    Last edited 10/07/13 11:41 am

      Dont worry. They're just vitamins.

      Mark my words, GTA V will be banned for the medical Marijuana in it. Which means I'll have to cancel my pre-order of the collectors (which is already fully paid off) and grey import, which means I will miss out on the bonuses and in-game content. Frack Australian OFLC law. Still need an actual R-18 rating.

        Yes, the current R18+ rating, as it stands, means you can now be rejected as an adult without first being categorized as a minor. Brilliant....

    I am super keen to get my hands on a copy of this. I've been eagerly awaiting the release since the first sniff of it hit the webs. Sooo freaking keen!

    Scuba Diving, Golf, Paragliding? I can do all this outdoor stuff without leaving my couch. And people say I don't exercise.

    Seriously though the minigames look awesome.

    The trailers says its entirely in game footage.
    Yeah, maybe so, but what console? Or PC? There is no way thats PS3 or 360. Not a chance in hell.

      By the looks of the button prompts, it was done on a PS3.

      Yup, R* site says it was PS3.
      See the yellow comment box at the top of the comments from "R* A".

      Last edited 10/07/13 6:30 pm

    I'm fairly sure I saw the RC guy from SA there too, the older guy with the cane going through a plan of some sort.

    GTA is proof god exists. Having to wait for GTA is proof satan exists.

    According to some news sources, Rockstar has been advertising a few PC related jobs, so this could very well mean GTA V on PC. Cleanup in aisle 5, 6 and 7

    Buuut like most GTA games, I'll probably wait a bit, download a 100% save, drive around exploring, THEN start the missions. For me, GTA is more about the open world than the missions.

    I'm liking the update to the minimap. It's rectangular and more 3D now. also how it slows down when using the weapon wheel.

    Can. Not. Wait.

    Wow, in that gif you can clearly see OMG GTA HAS A DOG! take that call of duty.

      I was wondering if anyone else was going to notice that. He's got a pet dog following him.

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