Blood, Dragons, Sombre Japanese Ballads -- Yep, This Is Drakengard

Number three, specifically. With this trailer, Square-Enix showcases the combat, setting and characters of the latest instalment in its Drakengard RPG series.

The game is set to come out on October 31 in Japan, with no Western release date announced yet. I really hope it's a "yet".


    hopefully a xbox version too

      It's a PS3 exclusive so there is pretty much zero chance of it being released on xbox.

    I really dislike Japanese game characters' hair. I don't see many 'realistic' looking characters in Japanese games either. I'm not saying that Western games are super realistic, it's just that they look more real. Am I wrong? Or missing something?

      Only that these are vidya gaems and don't have to be realistic in the slightest.

      Have you seen Marcus Fenix?

      The guy looks like a condom packed with walnuts.

      That being said, I get what you mean though Japanese games always have the weird hair thing. Never really understood it :/

    Yes, you are missing that..IT'S A GOD DAMN VIDEO GAME AND THE CREATORS OF THIS GAME CAN MAKE THE CHARACTERS LOOK HOWEVER THEY WANT!! ugh people like you is what's wrong with the industry :( broaden your horizons, just a little please? :(

      To be honest I'm a bit over gaming. My horizons have certainly narrowed and I've become a cynic. I'm hoping that a move to PC gaming and Star Citizen will remedy that. PS I do think the trailer looks great. Just not for me.

    there is currently a petition to get it localised which can be found here

    I got a Nier vibe form that. Bring it on.

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