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My plan this week was to give Community Kudos to Bub and Bob, the heroes of Bubble Bobble, because they are AWESOME.

Also, they're well past due some kudos, and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise!

There, that was easy. Or so I thought. Then the nominations started to come in.

@D.C went the multi-noms route:

@sughly and @freezespreston: For being a damn good guys and awesome pals.

@strange: For inviting us over to her place on her own birthday and cooking for us. So damn awesome. She's got cooking skills to pay the bills.

@greenius: For gifting me stuff on Steam, even if I refused to accept it. I appreciate the thought more than you know, my friend.

@coldcamV: This guy seems awesome and he's having a tough week. Welcome aboard TAY, my friend.


Likewise, @Strange had multiple choices

@finaldelirium did something awesome last week so I wrote down their name. But I've forgotten what it was that they did. :P Secondly, @ambroseiv has returned to us so I'd like to nominate him for not being dead. And last but not least @effluvium-boy because he's my hero.

But like the Highlander, there can be only one. Or two in this case, because there's both Bub AND Bob, you see.

Then more noms came in...

@Steve-O-The-Deve-O Weresmurf has done a few giveaways that I've seen. I nom him for general awesomeness.

Well, OK, general awesomeness is by very definition awesome, but has Weresmurf ever blown cute bubbles for the trapping of monsters? I think not!

Then this:

@Kermitron At the time of year when Steam is practically giving away games, weresmurf has upped the ante and is literally giving away games in contests of skill, in a bid to entertain the masses and provide some simple joy to the lucky recipients.

I believe that the Kudos spirit is strong with weresmurf, and award him one point.

and this...

@benny I wish to nom @weresmurf! OMG this guy. He's been giving away games all week - I even scored one. He clearly has way too much time on his hands, makes me wish I had more. God dammit, Weresmurf, it's supposed to be Shameless Gaming Month! All in all, he's one of the good ones. 

And this...

@GingerChris I nominate Weresmurf for keeping us all entertained with awesome competitions.

Also - Sughly for awesome taste in music :)

Is Weresmurf available in both blue and green? (Well, Blue, being a smurf, I guess is assumed). I'm still not convinced, mind you.

Then this came in


A great and glorious responsibility lay in the selection of community kudos, thus I, Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian, doth now wish to bestow upon you the results of many a sleepless night of pondering, calculating, raiding and pillaging. Verily, it is therefore with profound and nigh on incandescent wisdom I now declare the chosen one is;

Meh, give it to Weresmurf, he seems pretty cool, what with all those Steam gifts and stuff.

Alright, alright. I can take a hint.

@weresmurf, step up to the podium and accept your Kudos. Don't spend it all in one place, you hear?

Mind you, if @weresmurf turns out to be Baron Von Blubba in disguise, I'm going to be mighty peeved.

But on that note, I'll hand the golden key of Kotakutude(tm) over to Junglist. All yours, sir...

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to Mark at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from his massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — Mark is really bad at sending stuff out, he has a list, he hasn't forgotten (apparently), He's totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Wooooo! Way to go, Weresmurf. A worthy winner if ever there was one.

    Take it easy, Alex. Hope Kotaku's treated you well this week!

    The one time I remember to send mine in and they don't even rate a mention :(

    Oh well. They were for Weresmurf, Crazybuy, Cakesmith and Aleph with an Anti Nom for DC.

    Weresmurf won anyway so no harm done... this time.

    Omg wow thanks guys :D thats so awesome!!!! Thanks so much to all of you who nominated me!!!

    Btw, Im available in blue and flesh tones.

    But seriously:

    I wanna also give a shoutout to @coldcamV , I had to go see my doctor today. He asked how I was going with my life, depression that affected me a short while ago etc due to epilepsy and medication. I said I'm good, I have no worries because I had my life and worries put in perspective recently. I said someone I've recently spoken to got some bad news and seemed to be positive about it and more upbeat than me when I got much, much more minor news than what you got dude. So for being a regular badass about your situation and as Sam Jackson put it, BMF, I'd like to share this with @coldcamV for his inherent awesomeness about life and courage in the face of sheer adversity if that's ok?

    Last edited 19/07/13 6:23 pm

      @coldcamv is awesome! You are too Weresmurf! :)

        We are all awesome D.C and thank you for nominating me, I honestly didn't expect it so thank you my friend I know who's getting my kudos next week haha.

      Dammit @weresmurf making me tear up a little. The way I see it I can't change what has already happened all we can really do is look forward and make the most of the day, I know it's cliched, but you just gotta live everyday to the fullest :)

      Weresmurf you made heaps of people happy with your contest giveaway, you brightened alot of people's days yourself and you know if I could give back to the community even half as much as you do I would be happy.

          It's always hugs time! Gotta have that fancy handshake and that lean in hug like "what up cuz I saw you 5 minutes ago but this is what we do to say hi and bye"

            "Yeah bro we can hug... but we totally hetero right... no like... you know.... we manly right? Yeah... we manly... lets reassert our hetero manly status right here cause you know... *ahem* LETS GO HUNT AND KILL SOMETHING AWOOOOO!"

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