Company Of Heroes 2 Running Like Garbage? This Tweak Might Help

Company Of Heroes 2 Running Like Garbage? This Tweak Might Help

The community consensus seems to be that Company of Heroes 2 is mostly a nipped and tucked version of the original, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What is bad is if the sequel’s frame rate isn’t up to scratch, in which case the following instructions might alleviate the problem, as long as you’re willing to dive into Windows’ folder permission system.

A post by user “[ωρκ|Sgt] MIKI” on Company of Heroes 2‘s community hub on Steam suggests that replay recording could be eating up all the precious CPU time the game needs to run well. On a beefy machine, it could go unnoticed, but if you’re not running the most cutting-edge of hardware, having processor cycles stolen by replays you’ll probably never watch is going to put you in a terrible mood.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t provide you with a way to disable this feature — you’ll have to manually stop it from creating the replays. To do this, permission has to be denied to the folder in which the files are saved. So, navigate your way to:

My DocumentsMy GamesCompany of Heroes 2

Inside this directory there should be a folder called “playback”. Make sure you have administrator rights, right-click on it and select “Properties” from the context menu. Click the “Security” tab and hit the “Edit” button below the top-most list. This will open a new dialog.

Here’s a mock image I whipped up to show you what you’ll probably see:

With “SYSTEM” highlighted in the list in this new window, find the “Write” permission in the bottom list and check the box to the right of it in the “Deny” column. Hit Apply and repeat this step for your own username and the “Administrators”. Then, just hit OK for all the visible windows and you’re done!

But What Did I Just Do?

Put simply, you’re preventing the operating system and programs from writing content to that folder. The easiest way to see if it worked is to try and create a text document inside it using Notepad. You should get an access denied dialog instead.

And don’t fret, you can easily remove the tick in the “Deny” checkboxes for each account to revert everything to normal.

How to increase FPS? [Steam]


  • The ads for the game on this site were running like garbage on the computers at school…

    • If they’re anything like the computes I had at school, you’re lucky they turn on… and Flash? hoo boy, you must be running the top end ED PCs.

  • My favourite way to get COH2 to run smoothly is to install and then play Men of War.

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