Controversy Rages Over Dota 2 And Starcraft II Event Overlap

The world of eSports is growing day by day, and that means more events with larger prize pools then ever before. But that can also lead to collisions in scheduling for some of the biggest eSports tournaments.

This week in This is eSports I discuss the recent scheduling disaster for Blizzard’s World Championship Series regional finals and Valve’s DOTA 2 The International. I’ll also go into announcements for the QuakeCon tournament, and the results of Arena Gaming League’s event down in Knoxville, TN.

Alex Mendez is a professional eSports broadcaster who has worked for companies such as Major League Gaming, World Cyber Games, IGN Pro League, Twitch TV, Electronic Arts, Activision, Sony Online Entertainment, and more. You can follow him on Twitter or check out his YouTube.


  • I call bullshit, blizz knew what they were doing, they have their own version of dota coming out soon and don’t want to accommodate the competition.

  • Why is it an issue that SCII and DoTA 2 tournaments are on at the same time? It’s not as if the players play both games and need to decide which one to attend.

    From a spectator’s perspective it’s also not hard to have two streams going at once, or watch one live and watch the other on archives.

    • But to the avid fan of both, it’s like saying ‘What’s the problem with streaming two movies and watching them both at the same time?’ or “whats the problem with you watching both your favorite sports at the same time?” they should theoretically be able to watch them both seperately to get the best out of their viewing experience?

  • Not 100% sure why there is so much butthurt over this. I am however, 100% sure that you will be able to re-watch the games not more than 2 hours after they finish streaming. I am also pretty sure that people who are professional SC2 players attending the WCS are not likely “also” professional DOTA2 players that need to exist in 2 places at once in order to compete. To answer the question, no, it doesn’t affect me. I will treat it like television when I have 2 shows on at the same time I want to watch; leave the TV off, download them both and then watch them back to back, advertisement free.

    • Its comparable to having the AFL grand final and the NRL grand final on at exactly the same time.

      It has nothing to do with the people playing in the tournaments, and everything to do with the fans watching. Fans have to make a choice on which event to watch live, giving the advertising revenue to the live event, and which one to watch later. Blizzard is crazy if they think they can steal the International 3 Audience, it will be the worst year for SC2 viewing numbers ever.

      • Its not really comparable. AFL is a real sport played nationally while NFL is something people from sydney think is important and does not air outside of NSW.

  • So, I wonder how this looks at the corporate angle.
    “So, who wants to be the first to back down and move their dates, thus looking like a pussy who’s capitulating to the big dog?”
    “Well when you put it like THAT, not us!”
    “Guess no-one wins then!”

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