Crazy Skyrim Mod Is Basically A Free Expansion

You can keep your wacky texture changes, the best kind of Skyrim mods are the ones where people go all out, adding entire new areas to the map and giving you as much stuff to do as you'd expect from something official, that you have to pay for.

This is Falskaar, an ambitious mod which has its own backstory, its own voice actors, its own land mass and its own short campaign story (with side-missions as well).

Having been worked on for a while, it was officially completed yesterday, so those wanting to get back into Skyrim and try something new, it's worth checking out.

Up top is the project's official trailer, while below is a handy let's play vid by insane0hflex showing you Falskaar in action.

You can download the mod here.


    Is that narrated by The Count from Sesame Street?

      I thought it sounded like Vlad from Magicka

        Same here. That was exactly what came to mind when I heard that voice.

    This is one aspect of Skyrim where the PC > Console. The Console's offerings for Skyrim have been painfully slim pickings compared to this...

      IMHO You would be hard pressed to find any aspect of Skyrim where Console>PC.

        Au contraire. I have found that when playing the game of Loading Times, Console > PC every time.

          I have a fairly modest PC (with a traditional HDD) and vanilla Skyrim basically didn't have loading times. Of course, that went out the window when I added a few graphics mods.

          Yeah I'd say in many to most cases for PC users you're the exception.

        Having it run on a device not built by Cray is a good start

    That annoying, I hope he isn't part of the team that made the mod because he is basically blowing his own trumpet hard... looks impressive though

    That reminds me of an official RPG trailer from the late '90's/early 2000's.

    i was off Skyrim for about 4 months. i was CLEAN! look at what you've done to me now!

      the other day clicked on that terrible page in Steam that told me how many hours i'd sunk into Skyrim........

    I want to go play Magicka right about now...

    I've been trying this out tonight. The map is a modest size and so far I've completed 3 quests. Very cool.

    I am of course using a bunch of other mods. Skyrim is a game tat just keeps giving on PC.

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