Creator Of Adventure Time Plays Animal Crossing At Beyonce Concert

Pendleton Ward must really like Animal Crossing: New Leaf -- why else would he play it during a Beyonce concert? Then again, the game makes sure to give you time-sensitive events; maybe Ward just had a date with a villager that he couldn't miss.

But many of us have done stuff like this. I recall slipping out of a Christmas party years ago, just so that I could check into my Animal Crossing town on the DS. (It was worth it.)

Anyway, yes, Ward plays Animal Crossing -- this is his house:

And these are a couple of his designs... no QR codes, I'm afraid!

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    One does not simply miss an AC appointment. You think being late to meet your girlfriend is bad, try being late to meet an AC character - shit hits the fan.

    Last edited 04/07/13 6:30 pm

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