Deadly Premonition On Steam Could Happen, With A Little Help

Rising Star Games, publisher of quirky open-world horror game Deadly Premonition, wants to make the Director’s Cut version of their game available on PC. Specifically, on Steam. That means Greenlight.

Rising Star promises to deliver the same content to PC as they did with their Director’s Cut version, which they released for the PS3 back in April. But they also want to sweeten the deal with a batch of PC-specific extra features. Here’s what they are:

  • A surprising new scenario from the game’s director, Hidetaka ‘Swery’ Suehiro
  • Enhanced HD graphics with new textures
  • Reworked control system allowing for an even better combat experience
  • Downloadable content to expand the mystery beyond the original game
  • New bonus DLC exclusive to the PC version!

There will also be Steam achievements and trading cards, if you’re into that sort of thing. The PC version is slated to land on Halloween 2013. If you think it deserves a spot on Steam, it can be voted on here.

Deadly Premonition – The Director’s Cut [Steam Greenlight]


  • I already have this on the 360 & PS3. But there’s no doubt I’d buy it again on PC. I love this game a little too much, I think 🙂 (It’s one of only two games on my PS3 I’ve bothered enough with trophies to “Platinum it”).

  • I see so many people going nuts over this. As a person who has not played this, wold someone care to explain why?

  • They’re a publisher – why do they need to greenlight? Couldnt they just get directly put on steam? (not sure on the costs so)

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