Destiny Will Also Feature More Traditional Styles Of Multiplayer

Destiny Will Also Feature More Traditional Styles Of Multiplayer

This may have gone unnoticed but, alongside the 12 minute E3 demo video posted on the PlayStation Blog, Bungie has been doing a sort of Ask Me Anything style thing in the comments with its Community Manager. The answers are a little bit full of marketing speak and whatnot, but if you’re looking for some more information on one of the most promising games I saw at E3, it might be worth trawling though.

The most interesting snippet of info, for me, was the fact that Destiny will also cater in some way to folks who like more traditional multiplayer modes.

One of things that we love to say about Destiny is that is has activities for your every mood. Competitive Multiplayer will absolutely be one of them. Like you, I was a digital warrior in all the Halo games. It’s why I have my job. I’m loving the way multiplayer is shaping up in Destiny. Joining a Fireteam to reconquer our solar system with your friends will be fun, but so will battling your fellow Guardians for glory.

The original Halo is probably my favourite multiplayer game of all time, so I’m hoping the Bungie also take the time to create an experience that could work as a competitive game. That’s not exactly what is being promised here, but hopefully “battling your fellow Guardians” will involve some sort well balance, well put together multiplayer. I hope. There must be more to life than collecting fully sick loot.


  • I’m really hoping Bungie can shake off the Halo blues and put out an amazing game.

  • I watched that 12 minute demo this morning and 2 things occured to me.

    1. The Imp from game of thrones was voicing the ball of light and the comments by the players were disgraceful and so “fake” that i literally cringed and eventually muted the entire video out of disgust. The video would have been amazing if they just had someone who made the game talking about what was going on, on screen instead of that mess.

    2. The game looks like an exact copy of what Defiance is in terms of gameplay. It’s basically an open world FPS MMO. Which is fantastic since it looks vastly superior to defiance and is a definite day 1 purchase from me. Defiance also had traditional multiplayer too but it was about as dodgy as Prey 2’s online.

    • Also, Prey 2 is not out and is currently in development hell. Destiny is NOT an mmo, they’ve been very clear about that.

      • I obviously meant prey 1 and in the sense that it was so broken it didn’t work (which if i recall correctly, it’s multiplayer was unplayable due to server issues as well as being awful.).
        Anyway the game IS an MMO, in the say way the Sim city Is NOT an mmo. It doesn’t matter what a developer or otherwise interested party says. If your game meets x criteria in a description, that’s what it is regardless of whatever else it might also be.

        The game is always online, revolves around leveling up in a persistent world shared online with a large number of users. The game is, word for word, the definition of MMO.

  • I’m liking the Halo-Borderlands vibe, but I’m annoyed that we haven’t seen much in terms of the actual story and the exclusive content that the PS4 will receive. While I’m sure it will be a blast to loot cool items with mates across the solar system, I need to know if there’ll be a compelling narrative that motivates my overall actions.

    • Don’t hold your breath thinking that the PS4 exclusive content is going to be anything other then a few suits and weapon DLC.

  • Serious question: am I the only one that doesn’t really care about multiplayer? Because lately I’m starting to feel like a minority.

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