Donkey Kong Is 30c On Wii U Right Now

For 30c, it really is on like… well, you know the rest.

As it is wont to do from time to time, Nintendo's running a promotion on the virtual console version of Donkey Kong — that's the NES original, not any of the other games in the series — for a paltry 30c.

A big hat tip to Matt Sainsbury over at Digitally Downloaded, who reviewed it. I don't agree with his review — I think it's a timeless classic — but even if you only get a few games of enjoyment out of it, at 30c you cannot go wrong.

Review: Donkey Kong (Wii U) [Digitally Downloaded]


    Watch out for the monkey. He throw things.

    Also if you Metroid and Kid Icarus you can get them both for $9.75 instead of $13.

    I already own this from the Wii's VC and still can't work out how to activate my collection on the WiiU (admittedly I only tried once, when possibly drunk, but still). At 30c I'll probably buy it tonight (when possibly drunk).

      1) Have an SD Card with 512MB free
      2) Download the transfer app from the Wii store on your original Wii, and in Wii-mode on the WiiU
      3) Put SD Card in WiiU and run the transfer app
      4) Then put the SD card in the Wii and run the transfer app, watching the delightful animation
      5) Then put the SD card back into the WiiU and run the transfer app again, watching the delightful animation
      6) Profit.

    why havn't they put on the arcade version, it's so much better...

    Completed it. Although the barrels moved a lot faster than I remembered

    That's cool, trying to play the Nes version on a HD tv gives me headaches

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