Don't Call Your Local Library Asking For The Elder Scrolls

If this video by ICEnJAM is any indication, either the library won't have it, or they won't bother looking. Then again, it might help if you're not just a soundboard of Septimus Signus, a character from Skyrim, trying to get a quick laugh by pranking your local librarian.

It might also help if the Elder Scrolls were actually real, but, y'know.

You'd think that at least one place has a book on the games though, right? Or even the games themselves, as some libraries stock games nowadays? Hmm.

Septimus Searches for an Elder Scroll - Skyrim Prank Call [ICEnJAM]


    That was pretty funny, though it sounds like they took it a little too far and annoyed the people.

    My local library would have just said "Yes. We have Oblivion and Skyrim. Would you like to reserve one of them for either PS3 or Xbox?". It wouldn't have been as funny, but it's an awesome library.

    This reminds me of this, Deckard Cain doing prank calls to an elderly care place.

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