Don't Tell George R. R. Martin What To Do

Many Game of Thrones fans have the ongoing fear that George R.R. Martin is writing the Game of Thrones books too slow. Paul and Storm, a comedy duo, wrote a song about it. Then they performed it when George R.R. Martin was present in the audience.


Check out Martin getting onstage and going HAM on the band's musical equipment, recorded by Veronica Belmont. Was this planned? Maybe, but if so, that drummer sure freaked out more than necessary. Either way, you don't tell George R.R. Martin what to do: he'll kill your favourite characters and smash your guitar, people.

In case you're curious about the original song, here it is:

George R.R. Martin destroys Paul and Storm [Veronica Belmont Via Metafilter]


    my guess is that it is obviously a stunt and that we will get a book announcement "soon"

    This was pretty funny.

    But lettuce be cereal. George really does need to hurry up.

    Completely staged.
    Kinda funny i suppose.

    Publicity stunt and a lame one at that.
    Anyway, HBO show is doing what his publisher are doing, just splitting up bookings to make more than 1 season.
    He'll die before he writes the two books. He's already left instructions for others to finish it.

      Well, it worked with Robert Jordan. The story must go on.

      "Publicity stunt and a lame one at that."

      How is it lame? It's a perfectly funny cameo in a musical comedy act

        Suppose I could of expanded on that. The way he walks up and how the 'comedy' people react to his presence on stage... I was expecting something epic.
        It looks forced and just really amateur.
        I'm not trying to sound pretentious or anything but could of been done a lot better

          Clearly none of them can act and of course it looks awkward. I think the strength of the joke is that while singing a song about George R R Martin, the actual George R R Martin shows up on stage. And the fact that he curb stomps their guitar would have been spectacular if you were in the crowd.

    Obviously staged - there would be no way they'd let him smash up their equipment if it wasn't. Still, humorous in its own way, I suppose.

    The biggest giveaway (aside from all the others) is that he just stands around on stage after smashing their shit, instead of stalking away furiously :P

    Still have no interest in the books or the TV show.

      You're so cool, you came on here just to say that.

        I have an opinion, I shared it.

        Obviously people shoot people for such things based on the negative flags.

        Good to see the community is still full of narrow minded morons.

          Do you even lift bro?

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    Ahhh Neil Gaiman as well.

      Once more telling us that GRRM is not our bitch :D

      Better video:

      Last edited 22/07/13 3:56 pm

    "Was this planned?"

    Who gave you a job?

    Last edited 22/07/13 3:20 pm

    So spontaneous and ├╝ber-legit, I'm left completely in shock and awe.

    Wow, you guys that have pointed out that this is staged, damn you are really smart and clever, give yourselves a pat on the back!

    Hopefully he announces something before Supanova, or the only question he will be asked is "When?"

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