Doom With Iron Sights Feels Really, Really Weird

This is a full playthrough of the beta version of Doom:One, an upcoming fan reconstruction of the first episode from id Software's Doom with updated visuals, continuous levels, new secrets and, well, iron sights. If you wanna give the mod a try yourself, you can grab a demo at its official ModDB page.

Doom: One Is A Mind-blowing Total Reconstruction Of ID’s Classic FPS [DSOGaming]

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    Love the soundtrack.

      The music in Doom was the main reason to have a decent sound card. I stumbled across 'Music inspired by Doom' a few years ago here it still is in high rotation on my music player though it's not as great as the original soundtrack some of it is pretty kick arse.

        Not disagreeing with you, the soundtrack was (and still is) awesome, however alot of the songs were very heavily influenced by metal songs of the time, with plenty of riffs and drumbeats (and in some cases almost complete songs) being 'borrowed'.

    I was going to post that this is Brutal Doom but the creator of the mod says on the link that he is using Brutal Doom with his mod and that the point of Doom:One is continuous playthrough. Maybe this article should reflect that considering it's talking more about the iron sights than the continuous play through.

    Reading the description at, it seems the iron sights, reloading, stomping wounded enemies and taunts come from a different mod he was using in conjunction.

    What this one provides is continuous play through the different maps and new secret areas.


    Doom is damn near a perfect game. The last thing it needed was sights, reloading, swearing and the finger.

    DOOM was perfect I agree, it doesn't need any of those "improvements".
    DOOM3 was a step in the right direction, but lacked a lot of wanted improvements.
    Bring on DOOM4, one day.

    No, just wrong.

    All of the haters can go jump - this takes nothing away from your original 'perfect' Doom experience, you might even like it if you try it.

    I would definitely rather play the original. I played the Wolf3d fan remake and didn't particularly take to it. With games I love this much I don't think fancy visuals override the love of an old level, or a particular enemy which startlingly reminds you of something from your past.
    Having said that, I'll give the RoTT remake a crack but I suspect I'll react in exactly the same way.

    Looks cool. The continuous play is awesome. Also a great idea putting band music instead of the original midi. Not a huge fan of the finger and swearing. Like, you spilled some Duke Nukem in my Doom.

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