Dress Up As The Most Evil Spider-Man This August In Marvel Heroes

Dress Up As The Most Evil Spider-Man This August In Marvel Heroes

Sure, there are already lots of alt-outfits for Spider-Man in Gazillion Entertainment’s click-battle MMO. But this one is Superior.

All those wall-crawling suits in Marvel Heroes are basically Peter Parker get-ups. (Ok, yes, Spider-clone Ben Reilly is represented, too.) But, if you like your web-slinger a bit more malevolent and haughty than the original model, then you’re going to be very happy next month. That’s because the really-kind-of-a-jerk Superior Spider-Man is coming to the free-to-play game in August. [Mild spoilers follow for current Marvel continuity.]

The costume coming to Marvel Heroes is the second tweak that Doctor Octopus has made since landing inside Peter Parker’s body and living life as a more cutthroat crime-fighter. The Superior Spidey won’t just be a re-skin. It will come with different idle stances, movement and attack animations and will also have unique dialogue too. Voicework for the Otto Octavious version of Spider-Man will be done by Christopher Daniel Barnes, who voices the Symbiote Spider-Man costume in Marvel Heroes, and also voiced Spider-Man in the mid ‘90s animated show and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

If you’re going to Comic-Con this year, you’ll get more info on Marvel Heroes and the company’s other video game doings at the Marvel Video Games panel on Saturday.


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