Endgame Studios, The Little Aussie Developer That Could

Endgame Studios, The Little Aussie Developer That Could

Late last year, we heard the inspiring story of Aussie indie Endgame Studios, one of many developers that suffered at the hands of the financial crisis and the vicious toll it took on the local industry. Yet, Endgame managed to not only survive, but adapt and thrive and is now riding the wave of its own creative hard work.

I had a chance to catch up with Grant Davis, Endgame’s managing director, at the studio’s booth in the Australian indie showcase on PAX’s expo floor. Endgame sits alongside the likes of Black Annex and Antichamber, so to go from a small-time business that focused mainly on getting work outsourced to it by larger developers to a brand in itself, one strong enough to justify its own space in the showcase, is astonishing.

Davis says the success of Fractured Soul on 3DS has allowed Endgame to recover from its significant debts, however, the market on the eShop isn’t larger enough to give Endgame the freedom to take the next step. As such, it has set its eyes on other distribution platforms, including Steam.

If you’re at PAX, or own a 3DS, you owe it to yourself to check out Fractured Soul. It’s a platformer, but with a neat mechanic that’s better played than explained. For a game that has its origins on DS (yes, that’s without the “3”), it looks fantastic on a proper screen.


  • This game was awesome when I had a short got at PAX. I’m definitely going to buy this on the 3DS as soon as I prise it from my wife’s cold New Leaf hands

  • I upvoted on the strength of that article alone, but getting my hands on it yesterday at PAX convinced me you all should too. The game is just a barrel of fun – and while I was meant to have only a few minutes with it (lots of people watching on), I spent about 15 minutes with it thoroughally enjoying myself. It’s a great title that deserves to see success. Talking to the developer he was thankful for the press and the article and was hopeful of being greenlit. It’s definitely worth a place in Steam. All the Indie select titles were.

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