Every Time Ellie Says F**k, S**t And Motherf**ker In The Last Of Us

In the post-apocalyptic future, overrun with plant-face zombies and an abundance of gangs of violent middle-aged men, teenage girls have learned to survive by adopting potty mouths.

The Last of Us - Ellie Swearing Montage [BenBuja]


    Or they are just no longer constrained by trivial and asinine social expectations that certain words are taboo due to having far more important things to worry about, like survival.

    That was one of the funniest video's ever. What a sweet charming girl. As if the apocalypse would change your vocab, I seriously doubt it, though it would be cool if I started talking like Jamie Fox or something when the apocalypse gets going.

      I dunno... are we talking about after, or during? I think during the apocalypse the curse words part of my vocabulary would get a hell of a workout. I mean, think... stubbing your toe, and then dragging that out for several days of repeated toe-stubbing.

    Yep, that's the Citzen Kane of gaming all right...

    I don't know why.
    But even at 27 years old. I still found that bloody hilarious. hahaha!

    when i was playing it i was surprised how ellie felt like a real 14 yr old stuck in this shitty situation. this is pretty much why. =D love her and love the game

    This article really balances out the anti-hostess article.

    Don't be juvenile/be juvenile.

    I'm confused, Kotaku, should I be juvenile or not?

    Obviously I already decided :P

    Actually reminds me of John Connor in Terminator 2

    She felt like a real girl. I absolutely love Ellie.

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