Everyone Wants Ride Motorcycles Like In Akira

You know the coolest scene in the classic 1988 anime Akira? It's when Kaneda slides his motorcycle to a halt. Haven't you wanted to do that? Well, you're not the only one!

Recently, a slew of homages have popped online in Japan; however, the GIFs are courtesy of Tumblr from a while back.

The dog, while not an homage per se, is the best.

Last fall, our colleagues at Kotaku Japan got to check out the "official" customised Kaneda bike and don an awesome leather jacket.

「AKIRA」だけじゃなかったんだwwwwwwww:オート速報 [2ch]


    I sense a disturbance in this article's title...

    Proof read. I wants ride motorcycle too.

    Everyone wants write headlines like Bashcraft.

    Horrible grammer AND gifs, another amazing article from Brian Ashcraft. All that was missing was 2ch's opinion about those gifs.

    Oh wait... The gifs come from 2ch?....
    Why doesn't Kotaku just pay them directly and fire Bashcraft?

    is it just me or does It looks like someone threw that dog backwards...oh and horrible grammar

    I thought this was going to be about obtaining Kaneda's bike.
    I am disappoint.

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