Everything The Third, Worst X-Men Movie Got Wrong

Earlier this week when I posted this video from CinemaSins nitpicking the first X-Men movie, a bunch of you made the observation: "Why on earth nitpick this movie and not X-Men: The Last Stand? That one's way worse!" Ask and ye shall receive.

To be honest, I'd forgotten a lot of this film, and reliving it via this video did little to make me want to rewatch it. Though… Shadowcat! And San Francisco! But also… not a good film.

In related news, the likers beat out the haters regarding my question as to whether I should really give First Class another shot. I'll watch it again, goofy January Jones or no, and will make it all the way through this time.

Also, if you're interested, you can watch CinemaSins nitpick the second movie, which is still my favourite.


    I don't care what anybody says, I actually enjoyed the third movie. At least, I enjoyed it more then the first movie, which I hated even when it first came out.

      I'm with you buddy.
      Also, as much as I love the 90s cartoon (which i own), people need to remove those nostalgia goggles.

    They forgot the part where Nightcrawler is about to teleport into the room to save the kids and when it switches to the kids you can clearly see Nightcrawler already standing behind them. It bugs me every time I watch it. But gawd, Last Stand was bad.

    Not sure why everyone dislikes the X-Men movies, especially the third. I personally enjoy them thoroughly.
    Just saw "The Wolverine" too, and to be brutally honest it just felt like a mash up of action scenes with quite a back-and-forth story. It was good though, don't get me wrong.

      The 3rd movie has its problems but he is nitpicking like crazy and most of his problems are answer's by saying its a comic book movie it doesn't need to make sense.

      Well I was raised on the comics so the films are an abomination to me, Just like the RE film series.
      Hollywood has a nasty habit of taking the existing story lines that would make a good film, mashing them together and ending up with something that doesn't appeal to folk who don't know the comics but kicks the fans square in the teeth with redundant nods and references

    The movies are shit, and i never liked comics so they dont count for me. The only real X-Men for me is the 90's cartoon and a few of the games. Who could forget the many wonderful quotes from Apocalypse? That guy is poetry in motion.


        I am the rocks of the eternal shore. CRASH AGAINST ME AND BE BROKEN!!!!

    I love all the X-men movies despite their flaws and the things that don't make sense. I think scrutiny is why too extreme I'd never watch a movie and think these things

    Everyone who's saying "this guy is way too nitpicky"... clearly hasn't watched many of his videos. That's his thing, it's what he does, he nitpicks and finds plot holes and things that don't make sense, and he's done it for dozens of big films.

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