Ezio, Your Next Target Is... Tyrion Lannister

This snap, taken at the London Film and Comic Con last week, is just... well, it's just the best. The whole show sounds like it was the best, actually.

For a convention that's not the San Diego Comic Con, that's one hell of a lineup.

For further proof of how awesome Tyrion's actor Peter Dinklage is, check out the Reddit thread below for tales of Joffrey cosplayers.

[Self] as Ezio, stabbing Peter Dinklage in the throat [Reddit, via Fashionably Geek]


    Now thats how you do a fan photo!

    I sure hope he threatened to 'cut his cock off' afterwards :D

      And feed it to the goats

    Why would one threaten the livelihood of the man who slapped Joffrey Baratheon multiple times.
    I don't even...

    ummmm tyrions shirt is inside out... $10 million a season and he hasn't gained any style or hired a stylist... i like this guy...

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