F1 2013 Adds Classic Mode And Murray Walker

Two editions, only one of which will be "Classic". I guess that's one way to sell the premium pack.

Codemasters has revealed details of this year's official F1 game, which will hit Xbox 360, PS3 and PC later this year. The big hook for the premium pack this year are the golden tones of Murray Walker alongside the opportunity to race classic cars on classic circuits of yesteryear, a trick that plenty of sports games of all types have tried before.

It's a mixed offering between the standard edition, which will feature 1980s drivers, cars and circuits, and the Classic Edition, which will also feature two additional content packs covering the 90s drivers and additional tracks. Codemasters states that the Classic edition content will be available as DLC for the standard edition "shortly after release".


    I miss Murray Walker's commentary. His sense of wonder and contagious enthusiasm will never be matched.

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      I 100% agree. It just hasn't been the same without him.

    will the game work though?
    i can't run any codemasters games, dirt 3, f1 2011, f1 2012 and grid 2...

    all have the same issue...

      and that issue is?...

      If it's PC, F1 2012 works fine on mine and the same with the demos of a few of the others.

      This has me tempted to buy another F1 game though. I currently own two of them, F1 2012 and F1 97. Racing classic cars though, might be worth the extra money for what wouldn't be that much of an improvement over 2012

        the game continues on, where as the video freezes.

        tried my computer with 4 different graphics cards (even bought a brand new one)
        all the Nvidia ones crash, the ATI ones work flawlessly
        on a cleanly formatted machine with only the games and latest drivers

          Strange. I've been using ATI and had no problems at all. Any other games have problems?

      I play Grid 1 and Dirt 3 on PC. Can't wait to play Grid 2.

    It will be out just in time for the season to be over.

    As a side note, Grand Prix Legends is one of the greatest racing games ever. It is a shame we can never get true simulation racing games like that anymore.

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