Far Cry 4 Is Coming. What Do You Want Them To Change?

Surprising absolutely no one, on Friday Ubisoft's Tony Key told Gamespot that the successful, critically acclaimed open-world shooter Far Cry 3 is definitely getting a full-fledged follow-up. This, naturally, raises all sorts of questions.

Ubi's not sharing details — we don't even know for sure that it will be called Far Cry 4 — they just say a new game is coming and that they'll have "more on that soon". So, let's fill in some of the blanks on our own.

What would you like to see stay in the next game? What could they get rid of?

Off the top of my head, I'd actually love to see them keep a lot of the more tedious stuff — the crafting and hunting — because I liked all of that. They could definitely try to tell a story that's a little bit more consistent in tone, maybe with some characters who aren't unlikeable drips. (I know, I know. "That was the point." Whatever. I'd rather the point be to tell me a story with characters I liked, or at least gave a shit about.)

I'd be fascinated to see what they could do with more than one playable character, since the Far Cry series seems well-suited to that sort of thing. I hope they can make co-op missions that take place on the single-player map, and aren't rubbish.

I wouldn't mind if they keep the tropical setting, but if they decide to change things up I hope they'll hit something as instantly iconic and distinctive as Far Cry 2's African setting. I'd love to see respawning guard posts, or at least a continuing presence of danger despite player progress, and some more ridiculous abilities — maybe a jetpack? — wouldn't make me mad. And please, guys, add a realism mode with degrading weapons, no HUD, an in-game map and more of that great stuff from Far Cry 2. You don't have to make it mandatory, but I'd love it to be an option.

I turn it over to you. What do you think the next Far Cry game will look like? What features do you hope Ubisoft keeps, and what do you hope they get rid of? Have a shot of Jäger, put on some M.I.A. and let us know what you think.

Here, I'll save you some time on that middle one:

[a href="http://www.gamespot.com/news/more-details-on-far-cry-4-soon-says-ubisoft-6411369">Gamespot via PC Gamer]


    No lame-arse main character, ditch the tattoo shit, and actually develop a good story.
    Gameplay - still fantastic, nothing that really pops out.

      maybe get it based of farcry 2 and 3 and make Vaas more nutty

    Why is it so hard for them to add full coop support. It doesn't have to be ground breaking. Honestly just make the single player support two players double the enemies and make a drop function. Devs don't seem to understand that the co op doesn't have to be cohesive with the story I just want my friends to be able to play and not watch me for an hour and leave out of boredom. The lamest crap is having these standalone coop campaigns there never any good and that's a fact. Campaign, 2 players, doesn't have to make sense why there is another person that is not mentioned in the story, = Win!!!

      exactly what I was thinking, ditch the coop missions and just add a random character able to play the full campaign with a friend, would be good to earn XP, money and upgrades to take back or bring into another game though.

        Scrap the entire multiplayer component of FC3 - it was utterly sh*thouse, both the co-op and competitive sides of it. Just stick to single player and allow a 2nd (maybe even 3rd or 4th) player to co-op the campaign if multiplayer is really needed.

    far cry 3 was as perfect as a modern deus ex / VTMB can get.

    Far cry 2 was... painful, the degradable weapons the next to no story, I know the plebs who like degradable weapons also seem to hate storyline and love a sandbox where they can ignore it (skyrim nerds im looking at you).

    If they had made Fc2 using all of what they came up with for Fc3 it would have been awesome,

    While I dont think they'l follow on from FC3, I would love to see more of the same, the tone, the setting, everything in far cry 3 was great, it had everything paced quite nicely, side missions were a joy not a chore (unlike fc2) and it was just damn fun.

    Yeah there should have been more vaas, but the second we got to torch his drugs, thats when far cry hit perfection.

    I would love to see the story continued, before dead island, I was hoping there would be a follow up where the story continued outside of the rook islands with vaas returning and dealing with the consequences, but after blood dragon I dont think they will do that.

    So long as you give me more of everything far cry 3 had, more crazy awesome missions and nothing that feels mundane and they dont panda to the 'sandbox' crowd, throw in some more dubstep and your on a winner.

      Careful, the last time I dared imply FC2 wasn't perfect I was insulted... because apparently people want enemies to respawn at the guard posts the second you look away from them...

      Actually I liked the degradeable weapons, It added an element of uncertanty. I hated the malaria and the driving.

      I'd like: Massive open world ala JC2. More scavenging for meaningful loot, more of a survival game where if you dont find fire and food, you get cold and starve. More animals but no actual need to kill them, I dont want to see where they are on a map, I want to chance across them. And If I kill one, it means I can choose to cook/eat/sell/craft I want to build snares or booby traps and like other games have someone else dynamically jump in multiplayer coop if we are in a similar location and have the AI scale accordingly. Not every enemy should be armed or function as a team, should be able to interact / bribe / subdue. I like the Amazon idea, story could center round deforestation and conservation, power and greed.

    I thought respawning enemies was terrible in Far Cry 2.

      This. It was terrible. It’s blatantly obvious that the author has a giant hard-on for FC2 when it was genuinely not a fun experience for most players.

      I understand that people are complaining they have nothing to do after they clear all the guard posts but they already finished the game. Create a NG+ or give people a setting to reset guard posts (I think this was patched in) and that makes everyone happy.

      Maybe enemies occasionally trying to take back outposts that you have taken. Bu tnot simply reappearing there. Also, whilst I like the idea of degradable weapons, the weapons in FC2 seemed to just break after going through 2 clips. There was also no fun way of maintaining/repairing them.

      I hated the fact that when you weren't in either of the two main towns in FC2, everyone hated you. They all shot at you. That ticked me off and made me hate travelling two and from things. I missed a lot of beautiful environments due to quick travel. I'd prefer to make my own way to different places without having to have numerous gun battles on the way there for no gain what so ever.

        Enemies trying to take back outposts would have been really cool! Like the gang wars in GTA San Andreas.

      Agreed. I like the sense of accomplishment and progress you get travelling through the areas you've cleared.

    Story is still king. More NPC's you can interact with and side-quests please. However beautiful this game looked, it failed to keep me engaged and playing till the end. Only ended up playing for an hour.

    Last edited 17/07/13 8:11 am

    Getting rid of mandatory Uplay accounts would be good too.
    I had to return Far Cry 3 because I refuse on principle to create a Uplay account so I couldn't play the game.

      That seems pretty unreasonable. My Uplay account has caused me no grief and given me free unlocks in the game.

    I thought Far Cry 3 was fantastic on so many levels, gameplay was just brilliant, story was interesting and equally fucked up at times, I don't know why you would want respawning enemies, it really removes the sense of accomplishment you got from clearing out an outpost.

    To be honest my problem with it is it's setting. Which you probably can't/shouldn't change too much. I'd love to see a cross between Far Cry 3 and Fallout, the same game mechanics, in a world like New Vegas, with the story to boot. You'd change up the outpost liberation thing a little I'd think, so as to keep the world relatively static, maybe have the outposts, but also have more settlements to visit. Oh, and with Bethesda level loot...

      I'd love to see a cross between Far Cry 3 and Fallout, the same game mechanics, in a world like New Vegas, with the story to boot.

      This would be all kinds of awesome!

    Open world multiplayer. Is it too much to ask?

    I'm seeing..amazon rainforest setting, your character (of which you can choose from 8) has arrived as a mercenary with a small team. However after arriving at your destination suddenly not everything is as it seems. Your team gets split up amongst a group of locals trying to stop the destruction of the rainforest and you just got dragged into the middle. Choose between helping the faceless corporation tear down the amazon and keep the locals in line, or fight back and save the rainforest with the locals. All while searching for your team and figuring out what happened, where'd they go and most importantly why are you there?

    The lag in the multi-player was a game-breaker for me. Had such high hopes for it too. If you played a game of BF3 and then booted up FC3 it was undeniably obvious in comparison.

    Far Cry game + sci-fi setting + ? = Profit.
    Please note: sci-fi is interchangeable with western, steampunk, dinosaurs or any era that is scientifically determined to be "Cool as fuck."

      Yes, I would like to see Vaas fight against Commander Shepard! Lol!!!

    Keep pretty much everything the same as in FC3.. but add more exploration stuff.. bigger areas.. get rid of all the silly drug stuff.. get rid of the stupid friends that do nothing but stand around and look and act stupid... and for the love of God.. if you are going to give us multiple endings.. make BOTH endings worthwhile...

    LAN Support ++++ Didn't realise I would miss playing a Far cry game at a Lan Party. But...... here I am. Especially with the custom maps, FC2 with custom maps playing LAN was truly awesome.
    Dedicated Servers! Please! I must admit, FC3 with this no dedicated server feature was and is awful.
    Migrating hosts all the time, host was in Russia, hurray! Lag was terrible most of the time.

    They did a lot of right things with FC3. They definitely listened to the criticism for FC2 and fixed pretty much all of it. I don’t see any others wanting this, but I would definitely like some of the powers from FC1. I also expected to be able to lay traps (you can throw rocks, so why not set a trap?) like FC1.

    I like that they made the camera a lot more useful in FC3 but it seems a bit overpowered to me, it being able to track enemies after they’re out of sight took some of the tension out of the gameplay.

    Setting - the next logical stop is South America. For something a bit more interesting I’d love for it to be set in North America with the American Indians. I know it was done in AC3, but this would fit a million times better.

      Is like a setting with more variety similar to Panau in Just Cause 2. That ranks as the most diverse and fun open world in games to date IMO. Not as detailed, polished or as 'living' as a Rockstar world, but the most engaging to explore.

    Obviously you havent heard of Oculus Rift VR headset. If you did first thing you would want be the integration and full support for Oculus Rift.

    difficult to say my suggestion may sound like a contradiction but more freedom on the world and not being told to go back and at the same time more direction in regards to what I have to achieve. I only say this because of my experience playing FC3 and getting to the point where you have to kill that monster. Only knowing later that this task would be virtually impossable for me because of the fact that I still only had 2 health bars when I should have have 4 had I known that before that task would have been easier instead of dying so easily

    Make Blood Dragon a full expansion. That's what i want.

    Nice big explorable world ( i really really really loved the missions with buck in far cry 3)
    The ability to take over outposts however i also want the ability to defend the outposts from being taken back by the opposition and should i fail to do so, have the opposition take it back under control.
    More weapon choices and all weapons to have the the maximum amount of addons as possible
    NO BONUS XP for taking over an outpost silently
    New Game +
    Multiple characters to choose from with a fully open world 2-4 player co-op. Have story missions work like the instances in SWTOR
    Better crafting system and a focus on survival

    Please, please, please no bloody QTE!!! No stupid dream sequence boss fights where you just sit back an watch the shit unfold as you tap the right key. MAKE IT A CUTSCENE IF YOU MUST!!! If we have to save someone please make us care about them a little bit, even just a little. Make us keep them sane as much as ourselves. Oh and some consequences to our actions would be nice. If we butcher everyone in an area then have a major amount of reinforcements flood the area actively looking for you. Kill the wrong person and the locals turn on you or rat you out, ignore the people you save and they wander off to get killed or recaptured.

    And finally please no more sounding like a squeamish child as you skin a goat, being you have just shoved a machete through the guts of 8 or so people to get there without even blinking.

    There was lots I loved about FC3 and there was lots I hated. But at least there were more good things than bad. Unlike Bioshock Infinte.

    Decent netcode
    Campaign coop

    That'd do me as far as changes go

    I just hope they go for a different style of marketing campaign, the whole "this game is crazy insane" angle for far cry 3 left me very underwhelmed. Here's one word that would make the next far cry game ridiculously good - dinosaurs.

    More enemy variation in both skins and archetypes, FC3 got very 'samey' very quickly shooting dudes in red singlets all the time. Hopefully next gen allows for a much wider array of enemies.

    No interest in coop, no interest in multiplayer. Loved the setting, loved the story, loved the characters and gameplay. More please.

    Particularly liked the fact, Jason acts like a typical scared teenager through most of this game. Further, as a city boy, he likely would act like a squeamish child when gutting a pig. I would have at that age (and perhaps even now).

    Every main character doesn't need to be another Sheppard: read, singularly square-headed and one-dimensional ...

    Thought the tatts were very cool...

    co-op missions are a no brainer.
    something like GTA4s open world multiplayer would be brilliant.

    consistent danger. yeah i got bored once there were no guards anymore. but not to the extent of FC2 where they reappear when your back is turned.

    characters are an obvious spot for improvement.
    more sex with tribal girls. oh wait, what i meant was believable relationships.

    and more exploring.

    there was so much to like with FC3 that if they could just fix the common complaints the next game will be awesome

    GOOD, interesting, engaging story and characters. More weapons, customisations for guns. Customisable characters. Coop support for main game... that's probably about it.

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