Final Decision Made On Saints Row 4

After being refused classification, then re-submitted to the Review Board, the Classification Board has reached a final verdict on the local fate of Saints Row 4.

As put by the CEO of IGEA, Ron Curry:

And in the words of the Classification Board:

In the Review Board’s opinion, Saints Row IV could not be accommodated within the R 18+ classification as drug use related to incentives and rewards is not permitted.

The original classification was put in place both because of an "alien anal probe" - a weapon that the Board deemed too close to sexual assault - and drugs with positive effects, which are a major stickler for many ratings systems around the world. Being rewarding for drug use was always the more likely of the two to cause a RC rating (and a more easily defined, black & white rule), and judging by the above quote, it looks like that's the main point the Review Board took issue with.

There is also a "safe" version of Saints Row 4 being submitted, after Deep Silver said they were “reworking some of the code to create a version of the game for this territory by removing the content which could cause offence”. It now looks as though that's the only way Australians will be able to play the game, barring extralegal means.

The full statement is available on the Classification Board website.


    I like that extralegal means less legal.

    Thankfully Playstation is region free. Suck a dick ACB all you've managed to achieve by treating adults like children is money being spent overseas.

    Anyone know a site that's selling the collectors edition for pc? None on any of the sites I've been to, all PS3/Xbox :( ?

        That's sort of like the digital deluxe edition, it comes with a few day 1 items but I'm talking I know all the physical stuff is pretty gimmicky but I'm a fan of collector editions.

          Ah, apologies - yeah that's kinda what I want too, I love getting physical stuff as special edition :D but I guess it's given to consoles only as an "added value" kinda thing... sigh. Really want that dubstep gun.

    How the hell can a 3 member panel be a proper representation of Australian Censorship standards. This seems terrible subjective.

      because the Australian Censorship Standards are not r*************

      Damit... censored again the b*******....

    This is bullshit. Thanks for holding my fucking hand Australian Classification Board, I couldn't bear to face this big scary world alone. CUNTS.

    Let's have a panel in Canberra decide the game's fate quickly, so they can all go home to legally smoke pot and get some hookers. Scum.

      It's a panel in Sydney. Surry Hills.

    "Drugs" = "Vitamins"

    Also change it from a round tablet to a teddy bear face.

    Semantics (but mostly bear faces) makes a world of difference...

    Either that or have fun with it...

    METH/ICE = frozen water...for hydration

    COKE = coca cola...for an energy boost

    STEROIDS = asthma make you able to run fast

    POT = literally a pot... to toughen you up

    ECSTASY = antidepressants that makes people really really make you do everything better due to the increased motivation you get from not being depressed...

    Last edited 30/07/13 10:17 am

      Brilliant! It even fits with the games humour.

    I couldn't write this stuff up. I'd get yelled at by my editor. Like Royce in Transmetropolitan:

    "...deadline's tomorrow. I want to see eight thousand words. Printable words. I still remember that essay you wrote when the Beast got elected. I do not want to see the word "fuck" typed eight thousand times again."

    So I could see Hostel at the cinema where a person got their face blowtorched off and their eyeball cut out (with gooey yellow run-off), but drugs in games? UH OH, TROUBLE!

    I'm with a few others here-- I'll be importing the game, playing it and NOT emulating what I see, because I'm a responsible human being in some senses of the word.

    Protest going down at Level 5 and 6, 23-33 Mary St, Surry Hills NSW 2010 or call them at (02) 9289 7100.

    No one cares. We will simply pirate the game or import. Despite it being illegal to import, we simply don't care and will do so anyway. I have always imported banned games and Customs have never seized any of my games in the entire 13 years I have been importing for personal use. Know why? Because they're too busy seizing guns & drugs, ya know, important things that ACTUALLY are dangerous.

    This countries politician's are absolutely deluded if they think their little Classification Board is relevant in this digital age. Downloads, ever heard of them? We can bypass customs too and there's nothing they can do about it. Morons.

    I have sourced my Commander In Chief edition. Change free for Steam. F you ACB and F you Australia for going from my great land to a usa style nanny state.
    I miss our politically incorrect intelligent past.

    Just out of curiosity, I used the Steam Market (i.e. Keys) to buy the ROW Version of SRIV, and I'm in Australia. Will I get the Uncensored edition, the "low violence" or not get it at all? Just want to know, as I haven't attempted this before.

    Guys for fuck sakes listen to our fascist government they know what's best for us

    lol this means nothing if anything it will only make torrents the next choices witch is bad for i believe in bying the game my self .

    The ACB can shove their RC up their a$$es where it belongs. I'm importing from the UK and no customs dimwit is going to stop me.

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