Final Fantasy Composer Somehow Helping Out On Beautiful iPad Adventure

It's been a long time since we heard from the gorgeous Oceanhorn, an iPad game that's inspired by everything from Wind Waker to Seiken Densetsu. Long enough to make me worried about the project's future. It's silly, because the team were just saving themselves for a very pleasant and unexpected surprise.

The guys behind Oceanhorn have just let us know that legendary Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu and another accomplished JRPG veteran, Mana and Saga series composer Kenji Ito, are doing some (but not all) of the music for the game.

That's one hell of a scoop for an indie game on the iPad from a small team. Guess we weren't the only ones impressed with what we've seen of Oceanhorn! When I asked creative director Heikki Repo how exactly they managed to secure their services, he said... "I really don't understand."

Seems a friend contacted Uematsu's label, Dog Ear records, with nothing but a "translated email and Oceanhorn screenshots." Based just on that they said yes.

Which understandably has the devs in a bit of a state of shock, as you'll see with the wording of the announcement on the game's site, which basically amounts to "holy shit guys".


    iPad game that’s inspired by everything from Wind Waker to Seiken Densetsu
    I see less "inspired by" and more "directly ripped from"

      Hahaha, when I saw it I thought the exactly the same thing.

    Don't care how "inspired" this game is, I cannot wait!

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