Final Fantasy IV's Most Touching Moment Recreated With Beads

On first glance, this photo just looks like a printed image or something. Not too impressive. Then you realise it's made entirely out of beads, and you're like "Holy crap."

Created by the folks at VGPerlers, who craft all sorts of works like this and sell them online, this bead-by-bead recreation of Palom and Porom's sacrifice is really something special.

Thanks Rob!


    I'd probably consider this a spoiler.

    Yeah, FF IV has been out for quite a while, but it's gotten a few rereleases recently, and some people will only be playing it for a the first time.

      Even so, the presence of a spoiler is implied in the "most touching moment" in the title. If people really were worried about being spoiled for this game, they shouldn't have clicked to read the article.

        A thumbnail of the picture is kind of shown on the main page though. While lacking context, it does still give something away.

          Only if you've played the game and understand what the scene is.
          Irrespective of re-releases, it's been out much longer than would require a spoiler tag.

    Yeah.... No.
    No spoiler.
    At all.
    Just... No.


    Neat picture though. Awesome effort!

    What like Sephiroth killing Aeris? Oh you didn't know about that? maybe you should've played the game in the last 15 years it's been out -_-

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