Free Kanye West RPG Takes Takes The Whole Phenomenon To A New Level

After being in alpha for a while, the hip-hop-themed RPG by Phenix is complete and available as a free download. Featuring an armada of hip-hop artists (what the hell, even LL Cool J is in the game) and using completely remade tilesets from RPG Maker, this game is surely filled with funny moments.

The creator even posted the ending and the final boss battle. The epicness is easily on the level of any other classic JRPG.

Kanye West 3030 Release Trailer [YouTube]


    Imma let you finish, but Charles Barkley: Shut Up And Jam Gaiden was the best of all time.

    The only phenomenon here is how phenomenally bad this is.

    No! If Kanye West is imprisoned - do not free him! Let him rot.

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