From The Mouths Of Babes …

From The Mouths Of Babes …

If David Vonderhaar, design director for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, thought shining a light on the rancid Twitter spew coming from the game’s so-called fans would curb those reactions, well, think again. It’s still going strong, and someone’s curating it all. Consider this a to-block list for your own Twitter feed.


  • Poopie host? After reaching and getting the Prestige achievement, I can’t stand CoD multiplayer anymore. But I don’t remember the game having bad networking.

  • Disgusting and repulsive behaviour that tarnishes the gaming subculture and faith in humanity – I can understand why Game Devs (like Phil Fish) would not want to continue to subject themselves to this scum…
    The anonymity of a twitter handle should not exempt you from acting like a decent member of society nor should it mean you are exempt from laws which don’t allow you to make similar threats face to face.

    • I know this article isn’t the place to argue you “Phil Fish” statement. However, Phil Fish had it coming to him. He was kind of a dick to everyone.

      • Indeed, Phil Fish is hardly a candle in the darkness for people to admire. It just seems that we’re getting a week of fuckwit Devs being revealed. Vondehaar however is just showing that gamers themselves are a bunch of cretins when it comes down to it, COD players are doing nothing to help the idea that they’re the lowest form of life on the gaming chain of evolution. Right below feces.

        • No, noone does. It was a disgusting thing to say, but on the same token, Phil reacted in a highly juvenile way himself. It was a juvenile argument and fight on both sides that was the most childish thing we’ve all seen in ages.

          • wasn’t phil the one who told the blogger to kill himself? maybe phil fish is a cod kid.

          • Indeed he did, they both said some stupid things, some very stupid things and his overreaction was childish beyond belief.

          • Absolutely – but my point initially was moreso that this abhorrent behaviour from gamers would justify changing careers – it certainly would for me and I can understand why Phil Fish would walk away.
            Him being similarly reprehensible is a separate conversation. Who knows maybe constant abuse like this made him prickly in the first place 🙂

          • I don’t know, to me it would just drive me away from using twitter. I did years ago? Now, I don’t touch it. I don’t go near it. It’s the cesspool of the internet. If you run away from things that upset you, you’ll never stop running. Is he going to run from his next career when someone upsets him vehemently? The next?

          • He’s not the only person to get abused at work. Countless people gets abused and insulted in person (I’ve been spat on) in the service industry.

        • I probably should have worded it better… Phil deserved most of the flak he got. Maybe not death threats, but if he is a complete dick to everybody he should expect to be treated badly.

  • Wow. This is disgraceful and embarrassing to gamers in general. What is wrong with these people (kids)?

    • You’d be amazed, they’ve tracked down in the past, people who have written things like that, in some cases they’ve been businesswomen, one was a lawyer, some were kids, one was a TEACHER… its disgusting.

  • To be fair they brought this upon themselves when they decided to wall themselves off from the community using things like Twitter and Facebook. I haven’t played since MW2 but back then all you could do as far as feedback goes is yell at Twitter and hope enough people do it to force a reaction. I’m not talking petty balance fixes either. It took months before they’d admit local match-making, something that’s vital for non-North American players, was broken.

    This sort of over reaction happens with most competitive games but it’s a whole lot worse when you’ve got one of the most played multiplayer FPS games on the market and you choose to use a PR department that refuses to acknowledge anything that isn’t positive as a buffer between you and your game’s community.

    • “To be fair they brought this upon themselves”

      No. No they didn’t. What kind of world are you living in where this sort of thing is okay?

      • I’m not saying it’s ok, I definitely wouldn’t say this sort of stuff myself, I’m just saying it’s hard to feel sorry for them when they intentionally set it up so that you can’t talk to them about this sort of stuff in a reasonable manner. This is what they wanted when they set up their community management. They want players to yell at a Twitter account nobody is paying much attention to and then go away.
        It’s like intentionally putting a hard to use voice recognition system on your tech support to reduce the volume of incoming calls and being shocked that your customers are furious when they finally do talk to a human.

  • Second page (edited for language)…


    You’d have to be prtetty pissed off to wish cancer on yourself.

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