Gamers, You Rely On YouTube

Google has released a report on how gamers use YouTube, and it's pretty interesting! Looking at the viewing statistics behind every single video game-related clip on the service, it has found that, well, pretty much all of you use it. All the time. For all kinds of stuff.

Here are the important bits from the study:

  • 50% of overall views were for videos made by developers/publishers, while 47% were for "community" clips like "Let's Play" videos and walkthroughs.
  • A staggering 1 in 3 views for gaming clips took place on a mobile device, Google hypothesising that much of these were "second screen" views, done while gaming on a TV or PC for things like FAQs.
  • The most popular clips on YouTube aren't announcement trailers; they're reviews.
  • Over 50% of the views associated with a game took place in the month before launch or immediately after launch.
  • 95% of gamers watch gaming videos on YouTube.

You can read the complete study below.


    Whats the stats on minecraft clips?

    Don't you mean "we" rely on youtube?

    Last edited 03/07/13 8:39 am

    Hmmm... while this is interesting, i can't help but feel paranoid to know how much Google is tracking my internet activity.

    I tell you the strange thing though, my little cousin loves playing minecraft and it takes so much of his time up playing it that he can't play other games. So he watches other people play the games from start to finish on youtube whilst playing minecraft.

    Haha, I'm a total outlier. Absolutely NEVER watch Lets Plays, nor can I ever be bothered watching video reviews. Actually hardly ever bother with youtube at all come to think of it, particularly when it comes to gaming.

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