Gearbox Wants To Hear Your Borderlands Stories

PAX Australia 2013 kicks off on Friday, with panels and presenters already set. But if you've ever wanted the (very small) chance of being mentioned up on stage, get your Borderlands tales ready.

Gearbox is seeking out stories of how Borderlands has changed your life. Specifically, as Gearbox's Chris Faylor writes at Gearbox's site, "Video games can help change and shape our everyday lives in wonderful ways. How has Borderlands done this for you?"

Gearbox is after emailed entries with the promise that "there's a chance we may share your story with the world during the Inside Gearbox Software panel at PAX Australia"

Does a deep and abiding hatred of Skagzilla count as changing my life? Probably not.

What's Your Story? [Gearbox]


    My story is i gave towards the end because some sniper/cloaked enemies where 2 shotting me.
    Fuck that rubbish :(

    Here's my story: I haven't been able to play the game since the first DLC came out because of the framerate drops. They have acknowledged the problem and still have not fixed it, like a year after the DLC release. Would love to enjoy the game but it's simply unplayable, due to this bug.

    I mean I used to be able to play the game on highest settings at a silky-smooth framerate on a 560ti, now I have a 660ti and it's unplayable. Did not play it after the first DLC until now.

      You might want to give it a shot with a recent version, as I've been playing all the recent DLC with no issues, and if anything, it's gotten better since the later DLCs, not to say it's going to work flawlessly for everyone, but there's been a few patches since Capt Scarlett.

      For reference, I'm using a Core i7 920 @ 2.6Ghz, 6Gb DDR3 RAM and an ATI 6950 1Gb, playing @ 1920x1080.

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        I bought the season pass recently so I do have all the DLC installed to the best of my knowledge.

        Also, I'm fairly sure it's related to Nvidia cards, I'm not surprised that you can play it fine on an AMD card.

          A console might not have been a bad option. I have this and all the DLC on 360 - no lag issues at all.

    "Gearbox is seeking out stories of how Borderlands has changed your life."

    Hmm... "Life-changing" is not an adjective I'd normally associate with Borderlands... Does occasionally bursting into laughing fits as Salvador turns into Taz during his gunzerking count?

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    What's up with not being able to get US site? I've been trying all day, but it keeps diverting me back to the Australian site... which is lackluster in comparison. Thanks.

    "How gearbox changed my life" or "how gearbox guaranteed that I would never buy a season pass ever again". you buy a season pass with a preorder for any other game ever made ever you get all the dlc that comes out... end of story, then gearbox comes along and gives you barley half.

    My tale in Borderlands (atleast on my main character a Commando) is a never ending struggle of being a bad luck charm for loot and only getting by on crappy* hand me downs from the other three people I played with. Until I found a grenade that exploded into 9 grenades that then exploded into a further 9 grenades. Now I just through nades.

    *insanely good items that most people would be glad to have but still somehow manage to come up short when compared to what my friends were running around with.

      But loot farming is part of the 'joy' in games like this. I know RNG is different for everyone, but when you finally do get that shiny new Legendary drop, it's a great sense of satisfaction and reward for effort a lot of games just can't offer.

      Love it or hate it, it's just part of the game and at least gives you something to do once you've completed the main quest line for the 3rd time in UVHM.

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