Goats Work At Amazon Japan. Like, Actual Goats.

Amazon Japan has harnessed (hired?) goats to manicure the grounds at its distribution centre in Gifu Prefecture. And the most interesting part? Amazon isn't even the first internet company to do this!

According to Doshin Web, the goats are being brought in once a week until fall to eat weeds and mow the lawn — with their mouths. This is seen as a more ecological way to keep the grounds in order. That is if you momentarily forget about methane. OK. Done!

The goats even seem to have employee style identification tags with their photos on them. That might not be an Amazon Japan thing though. It could just be a goat thing.

This is hardly a first! As our colleagues at Gizmodo reported back in 2009, Google also began using goats to keep its headquarters trimmed, free of weeds and smelling like animal manure.

通販のアマゾン、ヤギに除草委託 [Doshin via 2chまとめよ]


    If my next 3 items from there smell like Goat, I'll know why.

      What if it's a goatskin rug and it smells like sheep? WHAT THEN????? O_O

    Haha, love the pic of the one with its ID badge.. So cute :D

    I swear, one of these days I'm going to get a pet goat so I don't have to mow the damn lawn ever again. I'll probably call him Roger.

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