Guy Proposes By Modding Contra, But She's Gotta Finish It First. Ouch.

Veteran gamer EquinnoxX documented how he modified an old Contra cartridge with a proposal message to his girlfriend at the end of the game. Knowing that Contra is not necessarily the easiest game to beat, it feels like a somewhat cruel — but nevertheless fantastic — way to do it.

He posted a huge gallery and shared some interesting facts about the process, like how he had to use an ellipsis because there was no question mark character anywhere in the game.

Check it out below:

Modified Contra Cart & Ring [imgur, via reddit]


    ...Yeesh. Because twoo wuv is torturing your partner, right?

    "Gimme that ring so I can use it as a knuckle-duster, you moron."

    It's certainly one way to vet your prospective spouse for gamer cred.
    "I can't marry someone who doesn't know the Konami code."

    Yeah but was the Konami code used or not? 4 lives might be hard to play through, 30 isnt!

    Talk about a harsh way to propose.

      Wow. Yeah. Wow!

      If I'd done this, it's safe to say I wouldn't be married now. Or I'd be married and we've have a REALLY repetitive conversation every couple of years about how I was 'so mean to do that game thing'.

    "You've beat the game"?

    Sigh, it's "you've beaten the game" or "you beat the game", one or the other.

    Way to screw up the grammar in one of the most important sentences of your life.

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