Having Superpowers Could Really Ruin Your Life

Sure, we all think it would be great to have super-strength. But what if it was actually the worst?

That's the premise behind "Superhero Depression", a fun short film from Andrew McMurry, who also made real-life video game shorts like Metal Slug and Mario, among others.

I detect more than a little bit of The Incredibles and Hancock here, but I've always liked that kind of down-and-out superhero stuff.

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    Someone is clearly in dire need of his training montage where he learns to control his powers while inspirational music plays

    What would really suck would be invulnerability/immortality. You think Wolverine has it bad...

    There is a small but non-zero percentage chance that you can get caught in a lava flow. So: Buried in solid rock for thousands, millions, billions of years.

    If you miss that fate you'll eventually outlive the Sun and be wandering around in a vacuum in seriously sub-zero temperatures. With no company (unless you find another immortal).

    I can't think of a final fate that wouldn't amount to an eternity of torture. You could only hope, desperately, that space-time could eventually get destroyed by the Big Rip or that the quantum vacuum find a more stable state... assuming that your immortality was not such as to overcome the destruction of space-time.

    Other unpleasant superpowers: Transforming into other creatures. Say, you transform into a marmoset. With the brain of a marmoset. You're basically dead at that point. (Or will be soon, as marmosets are not long-lived.)

    Incorporeality (ability to walk through walls and so on). So, suddenly you have no mass. Either you shoot off at the speed of light (as all massless particles travel at light speed) or else you find that the planet is rapidly moving away from you since you're no longer affected by gravity or inertia.

      invulnerability - yes that would suck...or, just dont walk near volcanoes
      Also, many "immortal/rengerating etc" superhero storylines have shown that there is a clear difference between invulnerability and immortality.
      Invulnerable suggests that you receive no damage. So it may take a billion years, but you can claw your way out since your flesh and bone are invulnerable

      Immortal suggests you live forever, but you still take damage. So a bullet to the head will stop your activity until it is removed or you are vapourised

      In fact wolverine is neither, i consider him as just resilient as he simple regenerates.

      but yeh, outliving the sun. I am not sure about this, but does wolverine feel pain? because if he was shot into the vacuum of space, would he suffocate and die? Cause if he didnt...then SPACE TRAVEL!!!

      Transforming - Transform into a galapogas turtle and live for a few hundred years and have the slowest sex ever

      Incorporeality - i think this can materialise in different ways, such as having matter, but you can vibrate the particles of your body so quickly that they can pass through the spaces between materials (as shown in fringe) or just turn into vapour so that physical and kinect attacks dont work on you.

        there is no way that even if you could vibrate fast enough that it would allow you to pass through a solid object, Physics would bitch slap you before that happened. But hey we're talking about super powers so who cares right

        If I remember my Wolverine comics I think there was one issue where he regenerated back from a drop of blood (this was in the 80s) but don't quote me on that.

          When a drop of his blood landed on the M'Kron(sp?) crystal. Forget what issue.

          are you serious? lol that would be awesome but suck
          but yeh, i remember if you impale his brain, hes "dead" until it get s removed

        The problem with invincibility-induced immortality is not having strength to match it.

        If the society you're living with can't master space travel in time to to escape the planet or star's desctruction, you're going to find yourself sucked into the gravity well of a dying star for the rest of your life. Which would be millions of years of agony and boredom. You'd go utterly insane.

        And that's even leaving out the more mundane horrors that face you from humans. If you're invincible and borderline immortal but have no super strength, anyone who you piss off can just lock you in a box and dump you at the bottom of the ocean for as long as they feel like, or just bury you alive somewhere, bound up and immobile. Cover you in concrete or something.

        What a way to spend eternity... *shudder*

          yeh thats the biggest problem

          but technically wolverine isnt THAT strong
          so i guess it would help being immortal and arming yourself to the teeth

          and not be stupid like most superheroes and go it solo. have an army to back you up

      In terms of immoratlity and the sun turning into a red giant, hopefully interstellar flight would have been invented by then, or at worst make do with what we have at the moment. You won't have to worry too much about life support, and could probably have time enough to wait until you reached a fairly habitable system.
      And hey, Captain Jack Harkness doesn't seem to have too bad a time with immortality.

    Welcome to my life....

    It all started with a simple question "do you even lift broh??" Now that I do lift and with my super strength and all my life is terrible....YOU (yes you) wouldn't understand....luckily my encredibly good looks, millions of monies and two super hot girlfriends takes a lot of the pain away.

    That's why I (if I had the opportunity to choose a superpower) would go with flight. You'd never have to worry about traffic again, and would get to work in a matter of minutes. Free overseas travel, easy access to any open air concert or sporting event..... The only downside I can think of is possibly turbulence, and i'm not sure how much that would affect a Superhero.

      and then crash into air traffic
      accidentally fly into a lightning storm
      crash into a bird
      swallow flies
      flight too high and suffocate and freeze

        and then crash into air traffic: Fly at night! You'll see the planes a mile away.
        accidentally fly into a lightning storm: Don't fly at night!
        crash into a bird: Dress like a cat!
        swallow flies: Or a spider!
        flight too high and suffocate and freeze: Wear warm clothes and an oxygen mask! Or a Sherpa!

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