He Forged An Orcish Battle Axe From Skyrim, Then He Cut Stuff With It

Man At Arms’ Tony Swatton is back, this time trying his hand at a weapon from Skyrim. He does his best to make it look like an orc actually made it — which means making the weapon seem as if it wasn’t made by high-power tools.

‘Cause, you know. Orcs don’t have that stuff. They’d make the axe with another axe.

On a different note, this is the first time they’ve used bones in the “smash stuff” scene, so now I’m keenly aware of just how deadly Swatton’s weapons are. Geez.

Orcish Battleaxe (Skyrim) – MAN AT ARMS [AweMeChannel]


  • If you watch this be prepared to watch every single episode, cos its pretty addictive

  • Yeah, one day when future generations dig this up, they will find the “Orcs were here” note and will starting believing that Orcs lived during the time of the humans!

  • I love this series in general. He did Cloud’s Buster Sword, which was insanely huge.

    You can get a rough idea of the next video at the end and it looks like the next one will be Wolverines blades.

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