Hell Yes, It's OC Remix's Mondo Musical Tribute To Final Fantasy VI

Yesssss. The madmen and women at OC Remix have pulled together a massive group of musicians to pay tribute to one of the most beloved video game soundtracks of all time: Square Enix's 1994 classic Final Fantasy VI.

The album, titled Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin, is out today. It's the result of a successful Kickstarter drive from fall of 2012, during which OCR raised $US153,633, more than five times their goal, to help pay for physical copies of the album and for licensing fees from Square Enix.

You can get a taste of the music by watching the teaser video up tup, and download the entire thing for free on the project site.

Want a taste of just how kickass this remix album is? Check out Jake Kaufman and Tommy Pedrini killing it with this Queen-infused take on the opera house music:

Good gravy!


    Acquiring now.

    I adore that site. So much talent on display.

    Their Doom 2 album, Delta Q Delta, is amazing as well.

    Oh wow.
    That Opera Suite is fantastic.

    Truly amazing. FFVI was the first FF I ever played. Brings back such good memories. Very well done tribute album.

    That version of Darkness and Starlight is just amazing. Completely blew me away!

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