Here’s Something To Help Tide You Over Until Legend Of Korra Book 2

Here’s Something To Help Tide You Over Until Legend Of Korra Book 2

The second season of The Legend of Korra can’t come soon enough. Fortunately there’s some stuff to tide us over, the most recent of which is a cool interactive book Nickelodeon released for free today on iTunes.

It’s called The Legend of Korra: Enhanced Experience. There’s concept art, storyboards, animatics and more included in said book according to IGN. I’m downloading it right now (and you can too here), but already the storyboard versus final scene stuff looks interesting.

The Legend of Korra: Sneak Peek at the New Enhanced Experience Interactive Book [IGN]


  • Avatar got me into anime… its sad that now Korra looks weird compared to Japanese anime… but still, cant wait to watch.

    • Avatar isn’t actually anime though, it’s more like an American-ised version of Anime.

      Still cool though.

      • Yeah, I know, I’m just saying, you know… I guess i needed something like avatar to get me subtily into anime…

        • I can see that, there is A LOT of crap anime out there, it can be hard to wade through it all trying to find something decent and get turned off it completely, in fact I barely watch any at all anymore. Anything Gainax do is generally awesome though, if you haven’t already check out Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

          Also check out they have HEAPS of stuff you can watch for free.

          • Haha yeah that anime was awesome. I havent found anything stellar since i finished Steins;Gate a few months ago though…

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