Here’s The Beautiful First Trailer To Miyazaki’s Next Animated Film

Kaze Tachinu is the latest film from acclaimed Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, his first at the helm since 2008’s Ponyo.

Set prior to World War Two (or, at least, the West’s involvement in Japan’s side of it), it focuses on the man who would go on to design the Zero, one of the best fighters of the war.

It also appears to focus on a lady with all the balance of Lucille Austero.


  • A Ghibli trailer AND and Arrested Development reference?
    Plunkett, you do know what the spoons like, don’t you?

  • No doubt the Red Chinese will see this as “militaristic” despite the anti war stance of Studio Ghibli.

  • I watched this trailer with wide eyes, I’m a long time Ghibli fan and I’ve seen every film they’ve produced.

    At the first hint of realistic destruction set during what is obviously Japan leading up to WWII a shiver ran up my spine, “Could this be? Grave of the Fireflies..2?”.

    Most everything Ghibli do is inevitably compared to “Disney” in the west but sometimes they create something truly poignant. That was Grave Of The Fireflies for me.

    One day I hope Ghibli make a film set during the final weeks of WWII and the aftermath in Japan, I look forward to this though 🙂

    • I think the destruction you see is actually the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. Magnitude 7.9 earthquake that basically leveled Tokyo. This film’s set several years before Japan entered WW2.

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