Here's What Defiance Star Grant Bowler Thinks Of The MMO

I've struggled to get into the TV side of Defiance, but with a dearth of new sci-fi shows these days, I've been sticking with it, fingers crossed it gets, well, good. Not sure if the game is worth firing up, but Grant Bowler, the Kiwi-born actor playing main character Joshua Nolan, thinks it's a bit of alright... though I doubt that comes as a surprise to anyone.

Obviously, Bowler isn't going to have any negatives to share regarding the game or the show, but he does let us know that he has the ear of developer Trion Worlds (this is assuming he's played the game at all):

I think it's awesome. I've discovered there's a little bit of a narcissist in me. I'm the only person on the face of the planet that has the ability to go up to the Trion guys at the booth and say "Hey, can you put my skin on it?" and my player character instantly has my skin on and I get to run around as me... which is epic. I've been playing games since I was 16 and nobody's ever offered that before.

Unfortunately, the poor guy struggles a bit when popped a question about "next-gen" (the interview was recorded during this year's E3), though he does apparently have a great love of mechs.

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    Atlas shrugged...just thought I'd remind everyone.

      Careful man I would'nt go dissing Wolf

      For the love of all that is good in cinema, why? I haven't seen a more thinly veiled infomercial of a political or religious philosophy since "What the [Bleep] do we know?"

      Harsh words. Harsh times.

    Needs to come back and do the mole again. Finding that I just can't watch it without him.

    "this is assuming he's played the game at all" *posts quote in which he says he's played the game*

      Yes, because an actor would never be coached on what to say before attending a massive gaming conference.

        I find actors about a reliable and trustworthy as gaming writers.

    I tried to watch it, but I just lost interest. Same thing with the game too, it gets kinda ... dull after a while.

      yeah, I had the same issue when I played the beta. Played it for about 2 hours, encountered so many bugs and glitches I stopped reporting them. The game just wasn't worth pushing through the garbage.

      1 week later, the game launched and reviewers kept telling me how good it was.
      Were we playing the same game? They can't have cleaned up all those bugs and glitches in only a week.

    The only thing keeping me watching this show is the fact that i happened to marathon Outrageous Fortune like a month before it came out haha.

    WOLF! most badass dude ever!

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