Hold On To Your Locomotives, Transport Tycoon Is Going Mobile

Chris Sawyer's classic 1994 transport management simulator is getting an updated re-release on Android and iOS. The new, "definitive" Transport Tycoon was announced on its brand new official website, accompanied by the short 30-second teaser above. Expect it to land sometimes this year.


    My initial reaction to stuff like this is always a nostalgic, "shit yes," but then I think about it and its probably still more fun on PC?

    I wanna know when we're gonna see Industry Giant 3!! Screw just transport! I want to control the whole chain!

    I sunk so may damn hours inot this game back in the day. So many glorious, fantastic hours.

    Interested to see how this turns out, and what the interface is like for mobile devices. You can get Open TTD (for Android at least, not sure about iOS) and it's OK on a tablet, but a bit clumsy.

    That ain't no 'casual game'... that's a hideous timesink beast monster!!! Can't imagine sitting in front of a tablet for as long as I could sit in front of TT Deluxe.

    Hopefully OpenTTD will not be affected in any way.

    There goes all my free time :(

    This is awesome, but there's a part of me that wishes they would add in a "deluxe" to the title so I could feel a little more excited.

    This is too awesome! Can't wait to play it on my tablet.

    OpenTTD will be hard to beat, but I'll still check this out.

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