Homeworld Games Getting HD Remakes

Surprising absolutely nobody — I've got money on these being the only releases the series' new owners ever bother with — Gearbox announced over the weekend it will be releasing HD upgrades to both Homeworld and Homeworld 2. If you only want to play the originals — and you might, because time has been very kind to them — well, good news, Gearbox will be releasing them as well, making them available on platforms like Steam for the first time.

Sadly, seems there was no mention of Homeworld: Cataclysm, the overblown expansion that this crazy old series veteran thinks was the best game of the bunch.

Gearbox Announces Homeworld, Homeworld 2 HD Remakes [IGN]


    That's good news. I really hope they put in an option to speed the time up though, because many times I just got too sleepy to keep playing the game because of the slow pace.

    I still have both on CD! HW1 is pretty long in the tooth now, I remember playing it around the same time as HL, but HW2 stills looks really nice. It's tough to get it working on modern systems though.

    Yes please, this was one of the best games of my generation.

    Are they also remastering "Adagio for Strings"? I don't think I can cry any more....

    The opening sequence still makes me teary.

    Still have the original manual - what a beautiful testament to what is now a forgotten art. The manual covered so much more than the game.

    The one thing that could top firm Shadowrun Returns, Wasteland 2 and Sir, You Are Being Hunted release dates.

    What date and how much? I frikkin' love these games

    I still have my original copy of HW:Cataclysm, I might spin it up tonight and give it a whirl

      In a fit of Hardware (the upcoming game which looks SO Homeworldy)-related hype, my brother and I reinstalled the Homeworld games. My brother went straight to Cataclysm, and I think he made the better choice (Cataclysm was totally the better game), but I still get a kick out of firing up the Mothership on her test run and exploring the bounds outside Kharak.

        This. C'mon, seriously, why isn't Cataclysm being considered (presumably because it was licenced to another development house.).

        Also, Gearbox you've 'remastered' two works that weren't of your own making previously... PLEASE don't screw it up a third time!!

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