How The World's Biggest Ever Space Battle Destroyed Over 2500 Ships

The Battle For 6VDT-H may be in need of a snazzier title, but just about everything else about the engagement - the largest space battle in internet history (and by lame default world history) - is fascinating stuff. Now that the dust has settled from the tussle, the developers of the game, CCP, have provided some statistics on the battle, as well as a report on how it actually went down.

The best part is the battle's defining moment, when the CFC coalition - who had been keeping their biggest and baddest ships out of the fight - dropped the hammer.

Eventually, the CFC warped in its capital fleet, comprised of dreadnoughts packing massive firepower and carriers with incredible battlefield triage abilities. These powerful ships are expensive, and are only committed in the most important fights. The moment they arrived, they began unleashing a torrent of firepower into the now dwindling TEST fleet. At this point, seeing that the situation was beyond hope, TEST gave the order to scatter. But with the system’s exit gates camped and the moons covered in hostile guns, there was no escape.

With no way out, the surviving TEST pilots decided to go out in a blaze of glory, warping right back on top of the heart of the CFC fleet to fall on the sword.

The final tally was 2591 ships destroyed. You can read the full report, and see some breakdowns of the stats, at CCP's site.



    I find it incredibly awe-inspiring the time/effort/gusto/what ever the players of EVE, the hard core ones, put into this game. Hats off for them for they truly have set new standards in record breaking and keeping of gargantuan sizes.
    Imagine if they put equal effort in getting a girl friend or a job, then we would really have a tough time out there getting laid or getting employed..

      Nice asshole insult about the lives of people you've never met.

      I like how you made it look like a compliment and then BAM! Fat unemployed virgins! Fuck your stupid video games!

    Sounds like an amazing battle that to anyone outside of the EVE community would make no sense...I am one of those people. Sounds nice though

    Every time I see news about this game, it seems so awesome....then I play it and remember that the majority of the game is nothing like what we see in the news clips.

    I like the name Battle For 6VDT-H, reminds me of the Battle of Wolf 359 :P

    its always a good day when there is some massive spaceship battle in Eve article. dont think i could play the game but makes for good reading.

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