How You'd Cook A Clicker From The Last Of Us. Y'know, If You Could.

You gotta think, someone, somewhere in The Last of Us' universe has tried to cook Clicker meat. Not like, the once-human part of the Clicker — they'd probably cook the stuff growing off the Clicker's face. Gross, I know, but...someone has tried it, surely.


Well, if you're curious as to how they'd probably go about cooking it, this video by VideoGamerTV gives us the how-to on making Clicker omelettes. Repulsive yet intriguing!

Cooking With The Last of Us: How to Make a Clicker Omelette [VideoGamerTV]


    Haven't watched but seriously? Ppl would cook and eat the manifestation of a disease?

    Might as well eat a tumour or drink some pus.

    Don't complain when you then get infected yourself!

      Better than a lot of the artificial crap they put in foods these days. Besides, there are a lot of foods we eat that in any other form would be poisonous or hazardous to our health. Then you have foods that are made with or naturally contain fungi, mold or micro-organisms. If that's not to your liking, then you could also start looking at medicines which may also made by extracting bits and pieces from diseases and other things that would normally kill you in their raw form.

        Yeah there's a difference between consuming the heavily processed and refined extract of an ultimately harmless organism and eating the flesh of a person contaminated with a highly deadly disease.



        Why? It's the highest-profile game around at the moment, plus there are a lot of people (like myself) that can't get enough of the analysis of this game!

        There's enough depth here that we could be talking about for ages.

        If you don't like the game then you can easily skip these articles. It sounds a bit like jealousy to me.

          I read every article, just some seem silly to me and when you have a few in a row it seems like a bit much......saying that i did enjoy the last one posted about the possibility of it really happening very interesting.

          much better when spaced out :D

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