Hulk Smashes Everything In This Intense Grand Theft Auto IV Mod

For modder JulioNIB Liberty City was too calm, so he modded Hulk — a really detailed one! — into the game, with all his unique abilities. It's all about thunderclap, throwing cars and definitely not setting up dates.

With Tony Stark already in Liberty City we'll probably soon have the whole cast of the Avengers in Grand Theft Auto IV and then the real fun can begin.


    JulioNIB was the guy who made (the script) for the Iron Man IV mod as well, however H1Vltg3 got most of the praise for it (But he did a great job at the art and modelling).

    That Hulk model is gross.
    Watching this makes me want to go back to Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.

    This looks like something that would of been easier to make using a game like prototype

    Gergo smash puny grammar.

      I think it helps if you imagine him to be a relation of Gurgi from The Black Cauldron

      Last edited 02/07/13 7:59 pm

    The Hulk is cool and all but I already got to experience this kind of gameplay in Crackdown. Awesome.

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