I Can't Believe There Is A Video Game That Looks This Good

I mean, I know it's a driving game, a genre that's long had the luxury of looking better than other games, thanks to the fact they only have to render a track and some cars. But still. Look at this.

This isn't some fancy cinematic trailer. The game, which is playable right now for its community of backers, actually looks this good. I'm serious. I've got a build and whenever I boot it up I think I've travelled five years into the future.

Project Cars is still in development, and will hopefully be out next year on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. Obviously, the footage here is from the PC version.

You can read more about Project Cars' pioneering funding and playtesting model here.


    Would love to see what level of destruction they use when you ram them head on :-)

    Darn it, I've been keeping an eye out on this for ages but the beta is closed. :(

      You can pay to get into the BETA, it's how it is being funded

      Project C.A.R.S. (Community Assisted Racing Simulator)

    "they only have to render a track and some cars" - yeah, just have to render them...

      As opposed to other games with much more complex environments.

    I really regret not funding this ages ago. I didn't realise it'd take so long to get released.

    This reminded me of Shift 2 and then looking into it, apparently is being done by the guys who did Shift 2 so even more excited for this,

    I found out about this early on when I was looking for games that fully supported the logitech G27. Bought the lowest cost access, then upgraded when I discovered its potential.

    Even for a beta, its pretty damn good. Graphics and sound are top notch, my G27 works perfectly (with 900 degree or whatever it is supported). I'd love to get a racing chair setup eventually. I'd spend hours in it.

      Do it, a racing frame is awesome and it will let you get much more value out of your G27. A Loadcell mod for the brake is always nice too.

        I've been debating about welding up a proper racing frame for years, ever since I got my G27. It'd sure save on setup time compared with bolting it to the table. That plus the Oculus rift means you won't even need a big screen, might be time to finally take the plunge :)

          As someone who should be receiving their Oculus Rift tomorrow I agree!

          But seriously do it, once you have your frame you have it forever, it's an one time investment for the rest of your gaming life.

    No one picked up on the oculus rift support... that would be cool.

    This will be great with Oculus support. I always feel that driving games lack the peripheral vision you have in a real car.

    I really like the small details in this, such as the dirt writing on the back of the car at 1.05

    With the level of detail this game has, 2014 is going to see me purchasing a brand new PC, even though I am spectacularly crap at racing games, this looks like a must-have purchase.

    This looks like a HD version of TOCA Race Driver 3. Which is exactly what I want.

    Did anyone notice this vid: http://vimeo.com/63635751

    Looks amazing!!

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