I Can't Tell If These Are Game Screens Or Photos Anymore

I know, you know, we all know, Project CARS looks amazing. I'm not here today to try and educate you. I'm just here to revel in its beauty.

Yeah, screenshots are usually iffy, often spiced up at the hands of artists, but the thing about these is that they're not the work of developers or marketing. They're shots taken by those already playing the game. Everyday folks with consumer computers taking screenshots look almost indistinguishable from photographs.

While these aren't gameplay images — you can't drive a car while looking at it from the side — this is indeed what stuff like the replay mode looks like for many PC users.

Project CARS is an upcoming racer for the PC, 360, PS3 and Wii U. Obviously, it's only the PC version that's looking this shit hot. If you're wondering why people (like myself) are already playing it, it's got a weird funding/development model you can read more about here.


    Colour palette is a give away but I agree that the detail is impressive

      And the over use if reflections.

        Yes and no, when you see some majorly glossed up showcars on a sunny day, they tend to reflect like that.

          Yes and no to you. These aren't show cars, they're race cars on a race track. So they should have a film of dust making it so things do't reflect so well.

          That said, they are amazingly detailed

            Hence why I said 'yes and no'. Most of them are show quality cars btw, just you're able to race them.

        Not really, when u go to a car show on a sunny day with cars that are sparkly clean, then u can say its over using it.

        But its pretty spot on.
        If this is where game graphics are heading, then Innovation isnt really important right now.

    The thing I've found with the majority of racing games is that after a while, if not straight away, you start to notice that the cars seem to be floating just above the track rather than actually being in contact with the road.

      you're right, they always do appear to be floating. the tyre never has that contact patch squat either

      Yes I know what you mean...I'm not a hardcore driving fan but I like playing some driving games on occasion. So it's with disappointment that I fly around a circuit in grid 2 bonnet view only to watch the replay and observe how floaty it looks from the outside.

    The 6th picture down looks the most realistic but the tyres give it away. The detail though is amazing, lets just hope they look that good in-game...

    Pretty good! Quite close to reality. Not quite there yet, you can tell that it's a little bit too shiny - but it's damn impressive nonetheless.

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