If Link Appeared On More TV Shows...

Then he'd probably look a bit like these renditions by TanBurn. The two above are, of course, Link in the style of South Park and Link in the style of The Simpsons.

To be fair, Link has appeared in a couple of the following TV shows — The Powerpuff Girls, for example. Still, it's neat to see Link in all these different styles. And, oh, hey: the artist is taking requests, if the suggestions get enough upvotes.


Family Guy

The Powerpuff Girls

Adventure Time

King of the Hill

Samurai Jack

Bob's Burgers

The Smurfs


If Link Was In... [TanBurn]


    Archer Link wouldn't last 5 minutes alone with Krieger.

    That Smurfs one was the laziest version without a doubt.

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