'If [Sakurai] Wants, My Body Is Ready'

"If [Sakurai] wants, my body is ready." That's Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime, answering a fan question a month ago about whether he'd be in the next Smash Bros. game.

Now, there's a petition asking creator Masahiro Sakurai to actually add Fils-Aime as a playable character — and it's got almost 7000 signatures. [via CVG]


    I didn't realise how much I want this until now.

    EDIT: Petition is up to 13,500 signatures.

    Last edited 31/07/13 9:07 am

    Oh man, his final smash would be perfect too...

    Kick them in the arse, then take their names from the bottom of the screen (Deadpool-like :P) and beat them with it.

    chuck in Iwata and Miyamoto while you're at it or all three of them as a voltron type combiner

    signed, I don't even PLAY Smash Bros, I would just love to see this so much.

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