If You Liked Pacific Rim, This Is The Video Game For You

Both Pacific Rim games are terrible, by all accounts, which is totally unsurprising yet disappointing nonetheless. You'd think someone would be able to make a decent video game out of giant robots fighting aliens.

Don't worry though — if you're into Jaegers and mech and all that jazz, there's a video game that's well worth your time: Xenogears, a role-playing game originally developed for the PlayStation 1 (and downloadable on the PlayStation Network to play on PS3 or Vita).

Xenogears is great not just because of its wonderful music, stirring story or sprawling world — it is great because it lets you pilot giant robots, and use them to beat up A) giant monsters; B) other giant robots; and C) god.

Two caveats:

1) The text speed is very, very slow, which is kind of unbearable when combined with the fact that...

2) This is a very long game. It takes something like 60 hours to finish.

BUT. If you've got some patience, and some fortitude, this is the giant robot game you've always wanted. When I saw Pacific Rim this past weekend, all I could think were things like, "I wish this movie was about Xenogears" and "Now I want to replay Xenogears." So check it out.


    man.. i still have very vivid emotional dreams about how great this game is

    me and a bunch of mates had a long discussion about xenogears straight after watching pacific rim. it was awesome

    I have been meaning to DL this from the US PSN for a while now, I have the next four days off so I think I just might do so tonight.

    Caveat 2 isn't as big an issue as the fact that the second disc is mostly story broken up by bits of action.
    The only other thing I'd mention is the graphics are about on par with FF7 and haven't aged that well.

    It is a good game though and worth playing if you are a fan of JRPGs. I really liked the combo system for the fighting.

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    It's a shame Zoids Infinity ex neo never got an English release, easily by far the best mecha console game... especially for multiplayer... Otherwise ms needs to hurry up and make another mech assault or phantom crash game

      Please no MechAssault anymore. All that was was an assault on the greatest robot wargame ever. They just need to make a proper MechWarrior game.

    always wanted to play this but could never be arsed with the whole US PSN account thing, makes no sense to me why its not available on the AU PSN when so many other US exclusives are.

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