In GTA V's Latest Screens: Cars And Trucks And Things That Go

Rockstar just dropped another dozen shots of Grand Theft Auto V, offering more glimpses of the fast life in Los Santos and the pastoral tranquility of Blaine County. Vehicles are the theme of this latest batch, including an ATV, a corporate jet, a ferry and a Marine helicopter.



    enough already. I don't wanna see another smidgen of GTA V until I have it in my hands *weeps*

    Love Fist singlet. Nice.

      I'm hoping that means they're making a comeback. They were awesome in Vice City.

    Hard to be excited when I know the gameplay will be as clunky and borderline unplayable as past iterations.

    It was acceptable in like 2004, but seriously, it's so hard to go back to GTAIV these days no matter how many times I try.

      Gameplay was fine in GTAIV. Watchu talkin' 'bout Willis?

        If by fine, you mean feels like your character walks with cement shoes one and has really shitty aiming ability, then yes, fine.

          They claim they have vastly improved those aspects of the game though.


    Hope so. Because if they can get those visuals, with gameplay to match, then it would be awesome. But GTAs success really seems like right place and right time to me.

    Those games hold up HORRIBLY. They just play so poorly it's almost comical.

      True. GTA 3 and San Andreas have aged really bad. Still semi-fun to screw around in, but missions are boring and clunky. Vice City is the most playable one.

      GTA 4 is still good. I dont screw around in it much, but the missions generally hold up pretty well, in my opinion

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