In Japan, People Do Dumb Stuff On The Internet Too

Like watching people fall out of chairs? How about lighting firecrackers in their butts? Or on their faces? Kids, don't try this at home — because people on NicoNico already have!

Of course, Japan's no different from any other country in that the internet offers a place for idiots and chaos to collide. Nico Nico is, in particular, an adept enabler.

Nico Nico Douga has been called Japan's version of YouTube. Fair comparison or not, Nico Nico also has live streaming channels that sometimes are interesting, sometimes dull, sometimes sexy, and sometimes unintentionally funny. During these moments, you can see the streaming comments erupt across the screen.

Nico Nico hasn't really caught on in the West. But in Japan Nico Nico continues to be a big deal. For example, at last year's Tokyo Game Show, Sony talked at length about how Nico Nico was headed to the PS Vita (it eventually came to the West, too). Likewise, Nintendo was excited to announce Nico Nico for Wii U.

In these videos, you can see some of the unintentionally funny, obviously stupid, and even dangerous Nico Nico Live moments. Don't try this at home! Or on the internet!

Have a look at the clips below, courtesy of YouTube user xxxJunaJunaxxx. Try to power through the annoying music.

ニコ生中に親が乱入wwwwwwwww88888888888 [2ch]


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