In This Delightful-Looking Australian Game, You're A Shiny Metal Sphere

This is InFlux, a puzzle game with elements of platforming and exploration, where you step into the role of an alien sphere of some sort which crash-landed on a desert island. It's also a rather good-looking game, as evidenced by the above trailer.

Impromptu Games, the Australian group responsible, is currently hard at work fixing some last-minute bugs, and hopes to release the Windows version of the game ASAP, with the Mac version following suit in a few days. If you're interested, you might wanna keep an eye on the game's website.

InFlux [Official Website]


    Marble madness... is that you? It's been a while, you look great.

    I gave this a thumbs down out of disinterest/lack of faith when I first saw it on Greenlight like... oh, a year ago? Then got to see it in action at PAX and put a hand on it. Had to go hunt it back down on Greenlight when I got home to give it the thumbs up.

    It's out! Buy it from the developers website, or get 10% off on GOG -

    I haven't played it yet, but it looks real purdy.

      Thanks! I'm in. I love rolly bally puzzly games. I thought they were still stuck in the awful sub-par shareware/shovelware zone. Gladly, not so.

      There goes all my time! =D

    Got to play this at PAX and meet the devs.
    A pretty puzzler without pressure, definately one of the indie games of the show.

    Ballin! ;D

    I had fun playing this at PAX - nice to meet some of the devs and have a chat too.
    Hadn't heard of it previously, as with so many of the other games there.

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