In This Game, You Date Slabs Of Meat. Seriously.

The Bacon Lettuce Biographies (ベーコンレタス列伝) is, according to its tagline, a “school-based boys’ love, fairytale adventure.” However, this is a little misleading because it is actually a visual novel where you date meat. Big, giant slabs of meat.

The Bacon Lettuce Biographies is a free visual novel about a boy — who believes he hears the voices of aliens — that falls in love with another boy. Which boy he ends up with is, of course, up to the decisions you make as you play.

The trick is that all other male characters in the game appear on screen not as humans but as different pieces of meat. Moreover, not only do they look like meat, but they are also named after meat. The most popular boy in the school is literally named “Beef” while the “childhood best friend” character is named “Tuna.” It is only in the special event pictures that you are able to see them in human form.

Interestingly enough, the only female character I came across seemed to be completely human all the time — though she was actively dating a piece of toro sushi.

If you want to give The Bacon Lettuce Biographies a try yourself (and don’t mind that it is entirely in Japanese), the game can be downloaded for free here. Or you can just check out the screenshots below.


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